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An Honest Review Of 'All Of You'

How do you know when to give all of you?

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Gab (Derek Ramsay) and Gabby (Jennylyn Mercado) find each other through a dating app. They have an instant connection on their first date and end up spending the night together. But this is no one-night stand—the two fall in love and soon find themselves moving in together.

The Short, Honest Plot

All Of You is a modern, millennial love story that tackles the ups and downs of relationships and living together.

The Main Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Jennylyn Mercado as Gabby

This talented actress/singer was last seen playing Steffi in the Philippine adaptation of the Koreanovela My Love From The Star and starring opposite John Lloyd Cruz in the 2016 rom-com Just The 3 of Us.


Derek Ramsay as Gab

This actor/athlete was last seen in the 2016 movie The Escort with Lovi Poe

Did You Know?

  1. This is a reunion project for Jennylyn and Derek. You may remember that the two starred in another MMFF film back in 2014 called English Only, Please. The movie was a box office success and marked the beginning of Jennylyn’s string of rom-com hits.
  2. Derek wasn’t actually the first choice to play the lead in this movie. The role of Gab was supposed to be played by Jericho Rosales, but Echo backed out of the project. 
  3. Echo’s loss is definitely Derek’s gain. He won Best Actor in the MMFF 2017 Awards Night held on December 27! All Of You also bagged the Third Best Picture award. 
  4. This movie is directed by Dan Villegas who is also responsible for rom-com hits like English Only, Please, #WalangForever, Always Be My Maybe, How To Be Yours, and The Breakup Playlist
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What I Think:

I’m a big fan of Dan Villegas so I was excited to see this movie. While I wouldn’t say that this is his best work, it certainly did not disappoint. 

All Of You was fast-paced, light when it needed to be, and charged with emotion when it mattered the most.

The film did a good job of pulling the viewer into the story of two people in love and the challenges they face as they take their relationship to the next level. I felt the kilig at the start of their romance and got stressed watching them bicker and fight. It showed a raw and real portrayal of what happens when a couple struggles because of their differences in habits, expectations, and dreams for the future. I appreciated how authentic the characters and situations were. 

It’s no wonder that Derek's character, Gab, was easily smitten with Gabby here because Jennylyn was absolutely stunning in this movie! She also delivered acting-wise, just as expected. She gave Gabby multiple layers, which made her interesting to watch!


Derek Ramsay is a revelation here. It seems like Dan Villegas was able to push him beyond his limits because this, in my opinion, is the best he’s ever been.

Overall, it’s a movie that will give you all sorts of feels—kilig, LOL moments, stress, and heartbreak. I wouldn’t classify it as an instant classic, but you will definitely not feel bad shelling out money to watch it. 

What My Friend Thinks:

I enjoyed the movie. It reminded me a little bit of the movie The Last Five Years with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, except it had no singing and it’s shown in chronological order. It had good twists and turns, and I’m happy with how the story ended. -Asia 

I'd Recommend It To:  

Anyone who’s been in a relationshipyou will be able to relate!

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