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An Honest Review Of 'Bring The Soul: The Movie'

How can I not fall in love with them even more?!
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The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

In the words of BTS' Jin, "The movie captured our little dinner gathering at a rooftop in Paris on the day after our Love Yourself Europe Tour." Throughout Bring The Soul: The Movie, you see snippets of the group's conversations out of the public eye, private reflections when they're alone in their hotel rooms or when they're exploring cities on their own, and highlights of the group's performances.

Plus, you see clips featuring their fans from across the globe, particularly in the US and Europe. Apart from France, the movie was also shot in the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

The Short, Honest Plot

Almost two hours of glorious close-ups, heartwarming behind-the-scenes conversations, and a few explosive performances from BTS' Love Yourself Tour in 2018.

The Artists

Kim Namjoon aka RM

RM is the leader of BTS and one of the main rappers. With his confidence and fluent English-speaking skills, he is usually the designated spokesperson of the group at events abroad.

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Kim Seokjin aka Jin

Jin is the oldest member (or the oldest hyung) of BTS and one of the main vocalists. Nicknaming himself as "worldwide handsome," Jin is part of the group's "visual line." (In K-pop groups, the "visual line" is what you call the most "aesthetically beautiful" members.)

Min Yoongi aka Suga

Suga is the lead rapper of the group. Like RM and J-Hope, this multi-talented artist has also written, composed, and produced many of BTS' songs.

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Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope

J-Hope is one of the main rappers and dancers. Known by his fans as BTS' Sunshine, he always introduces himself with his famous catchphrase, "I'm your hope. You're my hope. I'm J-Hope!"

Park Jimin aka Jimin 

Jimin is BTS' lead singer and one of the main dancers, too. He's known to be a hard worker and a perfectionist (having formally trained in contemporary dance) and is also part of the group's "maknae line" (or the youngest members of BTS).

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Kim Taehyung aka V

V is one of the main vocalists and, last year, he was added as part of the main dancers of BTS. Like Jin (and Jungkook), he is part of the group's "visual line."

Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook

Jungkook is one of the main dancers and vocalists and is usually placed at the center of their choreographies (but this varies per song). As the youngest member who's great at virtually everything, he's dubbed as the "Golden Maknae."

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Where You Last Saw Them

In a Speak Yourself concert (lucky you!), in a Run BTS! episode on V Live, or maybe on their official social media channels.

Did You Know?

1. Bring The Soul: The Movie was produced by Big Hit Entertainment and Camp Entertainment and distributed by Trafalgar Releasing. It was directed by Park Jun Soo, who was also behind the BTS documentary, Burn The Stage: The Movie (2018).

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2. The Love Yourself World Tour, which had a total of 42 shows, started on August 25, 2018 (Seoul, South Korea) and ended on April 7, 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand). Bring The Soul: The Movie only covers up to their time in Paris, France, where they held two shows in October 2018.

3. The current Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour, on the other hand, is the group's first international stadium tour. It started in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles on May 4, 2019, and will conclude in Seoul's Olympic Stadium on October 26, 27, and 29, 2019. Aside from tracks from their Love Yourself albums, some songs from their latest album, Map Of The Soul: Personaare part of their setlist. For this tour, they won't be visiting any Southeast Asian country (sorry, Philippines!). So if you want to catch them live for this tour, you can either make plans for the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia show on October 11, 2019 or try your luck for the shows in South Korea.

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4. Even though BTS is on a short break right now, they still make time to update their fans on what they've been up to. (SO SWEET!) ARMYs have been keeping tabs on their WeVerse trolling, their surprise visit to the #ARMYwithLETTER booth, and their personal events (like Taehyung attending the premiere of Divine Fury in support of his hyung Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik, and Jungkook having dinner with his "'97 Liner" friends). On August 7, BTS tweeted a pic during their private screening of Bring The Soul: The Movie.

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5. Merch alert: You can get a free, limited-edition movie postcard when you watch Bring The Soul: The Movie at SM Cinemas until August 11!

6. If you can't get enough of BTS' Love Yourself World Tour, you can buy a Blu-Ray or DVD copy of their shows via Weply, Bighit Entertainment's official BTS merch shop.

7.  A very important PSA: Bring The Soul: The Movie has a bunch of ~mesmerizing~ post-credits footage, so DO NOT LEAVE THE CINEMA WHEN THE CREDITS ROLL!

What My Husband Thinks:

"'Je t'aime plus qu'hier mais moins que demain' ('I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow')—this part of V's Paris speech will always be how ARMY will love BTS. The movie shows what happens backstage of their performances and their quiet moments in the tour. The movie also depicts the fans' feelings toward their idols and their music and how they've touched them. The shots, wonderfully taken combined with the group's hits, takes you to a different level of joy.

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"Some might think that Bring The Soul doesn't have the same level of energy as the Love Yourself In Seoul (LYS) movie, but I think it is not a good comparison. LYS was all about the onstage performances and acts, which would really make you scream and sing along with them. On the other hand, Bring The Soul shows the hard work they do to give us the LYS movie. It also reveals the bond between the members, especially their struggles during the tour—injuries, fatigue, and sickness. As an ARMY, Bring The Soul is extremely recommended for you to watchnot only to see the boys perform, but to understand the sacrifices they go through, the mindset they put their selves in before the shows, and how much they care about their fans. So, to Bring The Soul and to the boys, we purple you!" —Rozz Randell Cadavillo

What I Think:

My husband and I weren't able to watch Burn The Stage, so Love Yourself In Seoul is our only point of comparison for this movie. Like what he said, the Bring The Soul movie digs deeper than LYS. I loved watching the LYS concert in the cinema (and we cried in awe multiple times back then). But Bring The Soul makes you realize all the work and sacrifice BTS does for an amazing show.

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Personally, I was thrilled to see the performances shown in Bring The Soul. When the "MIC Drop" performance played, the people in the cinema joined the fan chant, and like a proper ARMY, I found myself crying. LOL! I'm still dreaming to see BTS perform live, and the "MIC Drop" era was when I became an ARMY, so I couldn't help but tear up. The videos of the performances were more like fan cams rather than professionally shot clips, so it made me imagine what it's like to be in the audience. Like others in the theater, I couldn't help but sing along to their tracks, enjoy the music, be in awe of their showmanship, and cheer for them.

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Beyond that, I appreciated how BTS shared intimate moments with the public through the movie. ***Warning: Spoilers ahead!*** I was surprised that some of the members got sick during some legs of the tour. I couldn't believe there were shows where Jungkook and Jimin had to sit out performances! I could only imagine how Taehyung's heart broke when he couldn't fulfill his duties as a vocalist during their "The Truth Untold" performance. They really sacrifice their health to bring an amazing show to ARMYs around the world. More than before, I admire their commitment and their love for their fans. How can I not fall in love with them even more?!

The movie also made me realize how they give up rest and their privacy to entertain, which makes their downtime so precious. Right now, I could only hope they maximize their break to recover. I hope they really enjoy their private lives before having to do so many public appearances again.

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Bring The Soul made me see that the BTS members are human, too—okay, they look and perform like gods sometimes, it can be confusing, TBH! But yes, they are human, and what makes them so special is how much they love their fans and how much they're willing to sacrifice for us. *cue ugly crying* I guess, the best we can do for them is to continuously respect, support, and ~*purple*~ each one of them.

I'd Recommend It To:

Every single ARMY who misses the boys, dreams to see them up close, and wants to see more of them beyond the clips on YouTube, V Live, and other platforms.

Bring The Soul: The Movie is showing nationwide until August 18. Check out theater locations here:

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