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An Honest Review Of 'Fifty Shades Freed'

Don't miss the climax!

Mrs. Grey will see you now.

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

The third installment starts off with Christian and Anastasia's wedding—as you can recall, Fifty Shades Darker ended with a romantic marriage proposal. But the Greys' European honeymoon gets cut short when someone sets fire to the main servers at Grey Enterprises. The culprit? Jack Hyde, Ana's ex-boss at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP) who got kicked out for sexual harassment. Jack's motivation for revenge isn't just Ana—apparently he has a past involving Christian that even Mr. Grey doesn't know about.

The Short, Honest Plot

It's the most action-packed of the trilogy, with AT LEAST five sex scenes and a dozen hilarious AF lines. TBH, it's more of a rom-com than a porno-esque Twilight fanfic. Not complaining, tbh.

The Main Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

The 28-year-old actress is starring in a slew of upcoming Hollywood films: The Peanut Butter Falcon, Suspiria, and Bad Times at the El Royale. She most recently made headlines when she was spotted packing the PDA with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

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Recommended Videos

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Catch the 35-year-old actor in the film Robin Hood alongside Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.

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Rita Ora as Mia Grey

The British singer-songwriter performed "For You" with Liam Payne for the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack.

Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanaugh

Eloise does mostly TV movies and previously appeared on So Undercover in 2012 starring Miley Cyrus.

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Erich Johnson as Jack Hyde

The Canadian actor is set to join the cast of Vikings season six.

Arielle Kebbel as Gia Matteo

The actress is most known for her work in John Tucker Must Die and The Grudge 2 which were both released in 2006.

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Brant Daugherty as Sawyer

Brant previously appeared on the shows Pretty Little Liars (2011) and Dear White People (2017).

Did You Know?

  1.  Dakota wore a stunning Monique Lhuillier lace gown while filming her wedding scene with Jamie.

  2. Fifty Shades Freed is the third and final chapter of the trilogy, but author EL James actually published Grey and Darker—the first two books from Christian Grey's perspective. P.S. RememberTwilight's leaked Midnight Sun from Edward's POV

  3. Rita Ora, Liam Payne, Hailee Steinfeld, and Julia Michaels released music videos for their songs for the Fifty Shades Freed OST.
  4. Dakota and Jamie were filming on location in Nice, France when a terrorist truck killed 80 people on Bastille Day in 2016. The production's cast and crew were unharmed from the incident.
  5. Jamie told Ellen Degeneres that his wife has never seen any of the movies in the trilogy—well, we kind of understand why!

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What I Think:

To be totally honest, I wasn't excited to watch Fifty Shades Freed. I already saw the first two installments—the first out of curiosity and the second for work. So, I went to the theater wishing I were anywhere else but there.

When the credits rolled in, I braced myself for another mindless erotica that'd cost me two and a half hours of my life. But, to my surprise, I was actually hooked. You see, apart from the steamy AF sex scenes and the cringe-worthy lines, there was a real love story being told. Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey were a couple trying to figure out married life as a team, with sex playing a supporting role in their marriage. I also noticed that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan seemed to FINALLY enjoy themselves in the film (even if it's called acting). 

Version 3.0 Ana was also a totally different woman from her character in the first film. She knew what she wanted and was unapologetic about it—even if it meant going against her husband's wishes. 

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For all those who think that Ana is a woman who will forever be a sub—think again. Even if Christian remains the dom in their Red Room, Ana is her own boss. I'm proud to say that in spite of all her character flaws, Anastasia Steele fits right in 2018.

What My Friend Thinks:

Probably everyone in the team secretly judges me for loving this trilogy, and #noshame, I really do! I read all the books (except the ones with Christian's POV), and I was a Twihard for a (not-so-brief) period of my life. I always tell people who ask me about the movie: "Like the book, it's SO bad, it's good!" - Jillian

I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone looking for a film that’s all about kilig, cheese, drama, sex, and female empowerment. If only you could watch it at home so you could be AS LOUD AS YOU WANT WITH YOUR SIDE COMMENTS! But if not, a fun movie night at the cinema with your best girl and boy friends would be a perfect way to end the long work week. —Jacinda

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Watch it with your SO for sexytime ideas, or grab your most non-judgy girl friends for a night of snickering and giggling and OMG-ing! This movie's an entertaining escape—and that should be your mindset when you watch it! - Jillian

Fifty Shades Freed opens in Philippine cinemas on February 7. P.S. It's rated R-18 Without Cuts (Original US Version).

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