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An Honest Review Of 'Let It Snow'

It's a cute, light, fun movie that will help get you into that holiday spirit!
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The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Let It Snow is three different stories. All glimpses into the lives of different teenagers in a small, rural town in the USA.

There's Julie (Isabela Merced), the cool, smart girl, who also likes being in control, and close to her family. She will sacrifice her own happiness if it means her mother is safe and happy.

Then, there is Stuart Bale (Shameikh Moore), an internationally famous pop star who Julie (quite literally) bumps into. He is immediately drawn to her, partly because her outlook on life fascinates him, partly because she's not fawning over him like most people have been.

We also meet Addie (Odeya Rush), who, not unlike a lot of us today, seems to be constantly glued to her phone. And her boyfriend who doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with her!? She's insecure about how she craves attention and validation but doesn't know it. Yet. 

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Dorrie (Liv Hewson), on the other hand, thought she really clicked with a girl she'd hung out with but is suddenly getting mixed signals. She's trying to figure that out, all while she helps Addie, her best friend, deal with her own issues as well.

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Also in this small town is Tobin (Mitchell Hope). He's working up the courage to tell his childhood best friend that he's fallen for her.

Said best friend, Angie (Kiernan Shipka) aka The Duke, always just "one of the boys," remains oblivious.

Everybody's got their own personal journey, and we get to watch as they try and make it there.

The Short, Honest Plot

Set against a backdrop of snowfall, small-town teenagers live their lives as best as they know how. Plus, warm, fuzzy, Christmas-y feelings.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Isabela Merced as Julie

She was Dora (the Explorer!) in the movie adaptation of the Nickelodeon favorite, Dora And The Lost City Of Gold. You might have also caught her in her own music video. Her latest single, "PAPI," was dropped just days before Let It Snow launched on Netflix.

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Shameik Moore as Stuart

If he sounds familiar at all to you, that's because he was the voice of Miles Morales aka Spider-Man in the 2018 animated feature film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. 

Odeya Rush as Addie

Recently, she was the supportive best friend of the daughter of a self-centered pageant queen in Dumplin', the center of a missing person investigation in the drama Spinning Man, and the popular girl the "average girls" were intimidated by in Lady Bird. Whew!

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Liv Hewson as Dorrie

You might have seen them in Santa Clarita Diet alongside Drew Barrymore, as Abby, the daughter of the zombie protagonist.

Kiernan Shipka as Angie

She was recently in a Netflix film called The Silence. And as you probably already know, she's the star of the show in the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

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Mitchell Hope as Tobin

If you've found your way over to the Disney Channel, you might recognize him as Ben, the son of Belle and Beast, in Descendants.

Matthew Noszka as JP

His first major acting role was as recurring character Jackson, in the recently concluded series, Star. (Can you believe Let It Snow is his first role in a movie?)

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Jacob Batalon as Keon

You probably already know him as Ned, Peter Parker's BFF in Marvel's Spider-Man movies.

Did You Know?

1. The movie is an adaptation of the book Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances. Much like the movie, the book features three separate stories that are somehow intertwined. 

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2. Singer/actor Isabela Merced, formerly known as Isabela Moner, recently changed her name to honor her late grandmother, Yolanda Merced Salazar Pittman.

3. Isabela Merced has a dog named Pluto, whom she adopted in November 2018. Bonus: He has his own Instagram account!

4. For the most part, because of her acting career, Kiernan Shipka didn't take part in traditional schooling. She was in an independent-study program throughout high school, and now says she is taking online college courses

5. Matthew Noszka was a pretty prolific model before he started acting. He actually modeled alongside Rihanna when she was featured on Harper's Bazaar!

6. Let It Snow is Matthew Noszka's very first movie role!

7. Liv Hewson identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns, so it is especially meaningful that for the first time in their acting career, they finally get to play a non-binary character in the upcoming indie romantic drama, Under My Skin.

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What My Friend Thinks: 

"I thought Let It Snow got predictable halfway but no surprises there—I find most Christmas movies are. The teenage drama got too annoying for me at some point but the movie has its endearing moments which bring the message of Christmas across wonderfully. It definitely is a feel good movie and I enjoyed it as a whole and I'd still recommend it to Christmas movie suckers like me."  April Zara Chua

What I Think:

There were so many parts of the different stories I'd wished they dug deeper in. There were so many characters I'd wished had gotten more screentime. However, this is an issue of the movie that shows you, in equal parts, both how good it was and how it could have been better. Because every single character was written in such a way that you knew fully what they were about. 

It was a huge ensemble and yet each one of them, even the side characters, had me feeling some type of way! You certainly felt the intimacy of a small-town settingof everyone knowing each other, of constantly crossing paths, of lives intertwining. I just wish it had felt more like I lived in it, with them, rather than just being a passing tourist.

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On top of that, it embraced an awful lot of Christmas movie cliches and you could easily tell where certain plot points were headed. But thenthis might be ~the spirit of the holidays~ taking over mesometimes there's comfort in that, too.

I'd Recommend It To: 

Anyone looking for a cute, light, fun movie to help get you into that holiday spirit!

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