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An Honest Review Of 'On Your Wedding Day'

Get ready for a bittersweet ending.

After all, love is all about timing.

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

It all started in high school. Hwan Seung Hee (Park Bo Young) transferred from Jeonju to the high school of Hwang Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) during their senior year. They met in the teachers' office as Seung Hee was about to start her transferee orientation and Woo Yeon was receiving a beating.

Woo Yeon took this chance to introduce himself to the girl (who stole his heart) and wormed his way into hers from then on. Unfortunately, they had to part shortly after becoming close. Their lives crossed paths plenty of times after, and the movie showed what happens to the two in the span of ten years. The movie starts when Woo Yeon receives an invitation to Seung Hee's wedding.

The Short, Honest Plot

It's about a guy who can't get over his first love and the importance of timing.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Park Bo Young as Hwan Seung Hee

This pretty (and ageless!) actress most recently played the title role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

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Kim Young Kwang as Hwang Woo Yeon

Before this movie, the dashing actor played as a prosecutor in the thriller drama Lookout (2017).

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Minor Roles And Actors You Might Recognize

Kang Ki Young (VC Lee's BFF in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim) as Ok Geun Nam

Ahn Gil Kang (Kim Bok Joo's dad in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) as Woo Yeon's dad

Bae Hae Sun (one of the prosecutors in While You Were Sleeping) as Seung Hee's mom

Jeon Bae Soo (Ae Ra's dad in Fight for My Way) as Seung Hee's dad

Did You Know?

  1. Bo Young and Young Kwang starred in another movie together before: Hot Young Bloods (2014). She took on the lead female role and he played the gang leader who's possessive of her.
  2. During the filming of the movie, Park Hyung Sik sent a coffee truck to the set to show his support for former leading lady Bo Young. SO SWEET, OMO! He even wrote a funny message, saying, "I oppose your marriage! From Ahn Min Hyuk (his character in SWDBS)." Date her for real, Hyung Sik-oppa!

  3. In this super cute Guerilla Date video by KBS Entertainment Weekly, both of them claimed that out of all their past co-stars, they'd pick each other as the best. They were pretty convincing when they said it—but they both LOL-ed after failing the lie detector test. (PSA: Bo Young also advised couples to watch the film separately. LOL!)

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What My Husband Thinks:

"Yung bidang lalaki, nakita ko si [Lee] Kwang Soo [from Running Man and Sound of Your Heart] sa kanya kaya naaliw ako panoorin siya, and si Bo Young as usual magaling talaga umarte. Pero ang sakit sa puso—ayoko na manood ulit! Pinaasa ka lang sa buong movie. Nakaka-stress! Parang ganito rin nung kay Jung Hwan sa Reply 1988."—Rozz Randell Cadavillo

What I Think:

From the trailers and the published plots of On Your Wedding, I already readied myself for a bittersweet ending. I'm sure veteran K-drama fans did so, too. The parts where the lead guy gets invited to his ex's wedding and flashbacks to their cute past were already dead giveaways.

As for the actors, I was not familiar with Kim Young Kwang but I was very much excited to see Park Bo Young in an acting stint again. I saw her act tough in Hot Young Bloods (with Lee Jong Suk) and act super duper cuuute in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (with Park Hyung Sik). In this movie, she was all-charms with a hint of spunk—there's a lot of aegyo and cussing, actually! She also was very convincing as the mature one between the two of them.

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Young Kwang, on the other hand, was sooo attractive. He acted out "boyish man who will love you with all his heart" so well. It's hard not to fall for his charming smiles and romantic lines! You'll also miss your constants as you see his strong friendship with his college buddies (including Geun Nam played by Kang Ki Young, who never fails to be an entertaining supporting role!). Best of all, his chemistry with Bo Young was undeniable!

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The story was nothing new—and that was okay! It served important life and love lessons without being too cheesy or unrealistic. The best lesson? Love is all about timing. You could feel kilig at one point but realize you're just not meant to be with the person at the next moment. The important thing is you work hard for what you want, go for it, and be mature when it doesn't work out.

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I'd Recommend It To:

Fans of Korean rom-coms about the ever-memorable cho sarang. And ~*SPOILER ALERT*~ it's also perfect for anyone willing to feel their heart flutter then have it break a little, and anyone in need of a refresher course on moving on.

Catch On Your Wedding Day in select cinemas nationwide.

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