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An Honest Review Of 'When We First Met'

Did Adam Devine live up to his 'Pitch Perfect' image?

All he needs is a second chance to be her first choice.

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

When We First Met is all about that last place any guy wants to be in: The Friend Zone. And it's the place Noah (Adam DeVine) finds himself in.

He and Avery (Alexandra Daddario) started off really well. There was a genuine connection, some sparks, and maybe a little flirting. So you couldn't really blame him for hoping for something more. But it all comes crashing down when the night they met ended with Avery hugging him and saying how nice it is to have a guy friend. Ouch.

Fast-forward to three years and a day later, Avery is engaged—to another man, that is! He's the perfect-looking and totally endearing Ethan (played by Robbie Amell). Noah finds himself drowning his sorrows in alcohol and having to be chaperoned home by Avery's BFF, Carrie (Shelley Hennig).

On their way to Noah's home, the heartbroken guy takes a detour to a bar and ends up in the photo booth he and Avery took pictures in the first time they met. He passes out after inserting a coin for some photos.

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When he wakes up, he discovers a strange thing. He's back in 2014! He realizes that has the chance to finally get out of the friend zone that he so dreads. He even takes notes from his friend Max (King Bach) who's great with ladies. Noah then sets his heart on accomplishing his mission and gets into all sorts of amusing epic fails.

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The Short, Honest Plot

Noah can't accept that Avery only sees him as a friend. When some wonderful magic allows him to travel back in time, he takes advantage of it and devises all sorts of (unintentionally hilarious) ways to win her over.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Adam DeVine as Noah

One of his most notable roles to date is Bumper Allen, the obnoxious leader of The Treblemakers from the first two Pitch Perfect movies (2012 and 2015). Another is as Andy Bailey in the sitcom Modern Family (2013 to 2016). He also took on minor roles in other comedies like Neighbors (2014), The Intern (2015), and The Lego Batman Movie (2017).

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Alexandra Daddario as Avery

Her most famous roles include Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson films (2010 and 2013) and the hot Summer Quinn in the reboot of Baywatch (2017). She also starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas (2015).


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Shelley Hennig as Carrie

She appeared mostly on TV in series like Days of Our Lives (2007 to 2011, and 2017) and MTV's Teen Wolf (2014 to 2017). She previously starred in movies, too, including Ouija (2014) and Summer of 8 (2016).


Robbie Amell as Ethan

This hottie starred in various films and TV series. He had brief appearances in How I Met Your Mother (2011), Pretty Little Liars (2012), and Modern Family (2015). He was also cast as Fred Jones in the Scooby-Doo! television films (2009 and 2010).

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King Bach as Max

He started out as the most followed person on Vine in 2015 and the guy behind the YouTube channel BachelorsPadTv. Then, he took on roles in movies and TV series like The Mindy Project (2014 to 2015), Punk'd (2015), Fifty Shades of Black (2016), and The Babysitter (2017).

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Did You Know?

  1. This is Adam DeVine's first lead role in a movie—and as the good guy! It's very unlike most of his previous movie roles as an arrogant leader of an a capella group and gross beer pong frat guy.

  2. It is not the first time Adam and Robbie are caught in a love triangle. The same thing happened in Modern Family where Adam played a nanny (also a good guy) and Robbie played the boyfriend of Haley (the love interest of Adam's character, Andy Bailey).

  3. Adam had a hand in the script of When We First Met (which is apparently the sixth film that he had sung in). The producers made sure that it was written in a way that suits Adam's style of comedy.

  4. This is Robbie Amell's second Netflix Original Film that involves time travel. The first one was ARQ (2016), where he played a scientist in an apocalyptic world of some sort. He and his partner get caught in an action-packed and bloody time loop, and they try to find a way out of it.

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What My Partner Thinks:

"Maganda 'yung movie. May times lang na naisip ko, 'Parang nakita ko na 'to sa iba.' Pero nakakatuwa pa rin. Hindi naman naluluma 'yung ganoong story. Kasi inaabangan mo pa rin 'yung ending." —Rozz Cadavillo

What I Think:

With the effortless delivery of his sarcastic and witty lines, Adam DeVine was so entertaining! I couldn't help but chuckle at a lot of his scenes. Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig, and King Bach were all complementary to his acting, too. They shined in their own ways but allowed the lead to take the spotlight. And of course, OMG, Robbie Amell was so hot! His upper body looked like an extra talented artist sculpted it.

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For the plot, I enjoyed how fun and simple it seemed despite the time travel aspect. They say it looked like a rip-off of About Time when the trailer was released. But the only similarity, really, is that they both have the element of time travel.

The best part about the When We First Met is how it evokes the "What ifs" you have in life. While watching the movie with my fiancé, I paused the movie and asked him what he'll do if he had the ability to travel back in time. What if that happened and he knew I—someone who wasn't on his radar in elementary or high school—was going to be his fiancée? I also asked, "What if that happens to me, and I just couldn't contain myself, so I kiss you even though we were just friends back then?"

What I'm saying is, it's a great conversation starter for couples, especially for those who have known each other for a long time. It doesn't have much of the sappy or super depressing feels that other movies have, and it's not as complicated as the storylines of other Netflix movies. When We First Met, I think, is simply a celebration of those meet-cute stories. It can make you look back on those surprising discoveries you exchange when you're just getting to know someone.

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I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone who needs a break from mind-boggling storylines and too much drama. 

When We First Met is available on Netflix.

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