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Hot College Boys Confess What Outfits Will Grab Their Attention

Check out the crop of university hotties Cosmo spotted in a party recently. See if what you usually wear to a night out would get them hooked!

Don't you just love getting glammed up for a night out? It's when you can really let your hair down, get all dolled up, and wear your smashing new dress. And we know you take extra care to dress up when you know you'll be spotting your crush at a party or when you're really on the lookout for a new hottie to date. By now you already know that what looks good for us may not necessarily be what men would find, well, attractive. So what outfit exactly would make a man give you that crucial second look (points for you if you catch him at the first glance)?

While the individual preferences of each guy will naturally differ, there are certain things guys generally get attracted to--say an outfit that shows your sexy gams or hugs your body in all the right places. To know for sure, we asked some college hunks we spotted at a party, Burn It All Down, hosted by Ateneans in Encore Superclub recently: On a night out, what outfit on a woman would grab your attention? Why? Check out these hotties' answers and see if your night out wardrobe is on the right track, or if you need to make a few outfit adjustments to snag that man-candy you're eyeing!

Mark your calendars, college Cosmo chicks! Ateneo Junior Marketing Association's (AJMA) Burn It All Down is the official launch party/event for Ateneo's biggest party, Shindig, which will be held on Friday, November 12. Check out the AJMA Shindig's official Facebook account for more details on the venue, price, promos, and programme. See you there!

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