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Gorgeous Guys And Garbanzos, Anyone?

Because hummus where the heart is.
PHOTO: Instagram/hotdudesandhummus

Oh my nosh! We’ve had Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Dogs, Hot Dudes With Kittens, Hot Dudes In Beds, and now we have Hot Dudes And Hummus, proving once again that there is nothing you can’t achieve on the Internet.

The Instagram account was founded by 4 students from Israel: Orly Geduld (22), Betty Ilovici (21), Israel Zari (25), Ayala Lesser (22). During an interview with BuzzFeed, Geduld revealed the reason behind Hot Dudes And Hummus: “We wanted to highlight a positive aspect of the country, away from the conflict–something which unfortunately is not done enough, whether in media coverage, or other aspects of the private sphere."

Hot Dudes And Hummus definitely lives up to its claim of being Israel’s yummiest tag!  

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