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Literally Just 15 Very Hot Photos Of Ross Butler

*cue heavy breathing*
PHOTO: Instagram/Rossbutler

It's been over a year since we first saw his debut as Reggie on Riverdale and Zach on 13 Reasons Why, and we're still not over our obsession with Ross Butler. Here, literally just 15 photos of him that will make you ~*feel things*~. Do enjoy this list.

  1. Him casually laughing while at a pier—doesn't it remind you of that episode from season two of 13 Reasons Why?

  2. This workout photo which he captioned "Monday Motivation." Why yes, we'd totally like Mondays if we had this to look at, too.

  3. Gym motivation? OK.

  4. We love a good mirror selfie!

  5. We get it—you're really hot.

  6. ~*bae*~

  7. Eeyyyyy!

  8. Streetwear never looked this ~*fine*~

  9. Another day, another picture at the gym. No complaints from our end.

  10. Those are a lot of...towels?

  11. A moment of silence to appreciate his linen polo.

  12. Who likes Ross? We do!

  13. *cue heavy breathing*

  14. Hi.


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