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These Are The 10 Hottest Movie And TV Robots of All Time

2018: Instagram baddies. 2019: Instagram BOTTIES.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Better Than You/Netflix, (RIGHT) Star Wars/Walt Disney Studios

Quick question: Are robots...kinda cool? Actually, don't answer that because I'm pretty sure they are listening in on all of our conversations, and I want to be on their good side when they inevitably take over the world. Anyway, I never paid much attention to bots until recently. I was surprised at how much I loved Ex Machina, and when Netflix dropped Better Than Us, a new series (with 16 episodes) about a family that acquires a powerful robot, I realized that I'm here for them.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the whole robots thing is that they're...kinda hot? Yeah, the whole point of Better Than Us is that the robots are gorge, but once you start to love bots for their personalities (or lack thereof), you'll realize they're more than just machines! Here are some of the most bang-able robots in pop culture.

1. Arisa From Better Than Us

Better Than Us/Netflix
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Can someone please explain why a LITERAL piece of machinery has dewier skin than me? @Glossier, I demand a refund. Anyway, Anisa has great eyebrows and kind of makes me want to get bangs.

2. Ava From Ex Machina

Ex Machina/Netflix

Alicia Vikander is a regulation hottie IRL, and her role as a robot named Ava in Ex Machina really just cements that. I mean, looking good with a gadget instead of a hairdo? What an absolute flex.

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3. The Fembots From Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Most of the humor from Austin Powers has not aged well since 1997, so it's difficult to decide how to feel about the Fembots. However, from a purely aesthetic point of view...the ability to shoot flames from a bra is dope as hell. 

4. The Stepford Wives

It's kind of unfair to the rest of this list to include the women from The Stepford Wives because technically, they were brainwashed and just acted like robots. But Faith Hill's ears do shoot sparks at one point, so...try and argue against me. You can't.

5. Joi From Blade Runner 2049

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What is it with all these bots (or AI creation, in Joi's case) and bangs? Do they have, like, wires they're trying to hide or something? Anyway, if Joi were a human with an Instagram, she'd probs be a travel blogger. She just has that vibe, you know?

6. K From Blade Runner 2049

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Suuuper-good news about the bioengineered human version of Ryan Gosling: He is exactly as hot as regular-schmegular human Ryan Gosling. The future is brighter than we may have thought.

7. The Iron Giant

He has a...well, everything of iron but a heart of gold! Also, the Iron Giant is tall as hell. If he were a friend of a friend, you'd go out with him at least once. Admit it.

8. C-3Po From Star Wars

Sure, C-3Po always kinda looks like he just saw a boob for the first time, but when it comes to his personality, he's a total charmer and a flashy dresser.

9. Rosie the Robot From The Jetsons

Hmm...what came first? Rosie the Robot? Or those sexy French maid Halloween costumes? It's something to think about, IMHO.

10. Bumblebee

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Bumblebee looks like he needs to take a shower, BUT he can turn into a literal car, so we know he's not a scrub. He can at least give you a ride. So that's something.


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