How to Act Like A Fashion Girl Even When You're Drunk

Rule number one: act sober.

Fashion girls don’t just eat—we drink, too! A little too much, sometimes. The difference with us, however, is that when we down a tequila shot, we do so because we can hold our liquor. And although we’re usually fashionably late (half of the time, our friends are already drunk by the time we get there), there are some instances when we still get a little drink-happy.

Below, drinking etiquette every fashion girl must know: 


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You know how you can fake loving the gift your boyfriend gave you because you don’t want to hurt his feelings? Easy-peasy, right? Put those acting chops to use and make everyone think you’re still okay even when deep inside you just want to hurl. Repeat this in your head until your body decides to follow: act sober, act sober, act sober…

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2. Drink as much water as you can and hit the loo. Fast.

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Once you begin to see double, quietly sip (we don’t chug) on a glass of water then pee. Peeing is the fastest way to release the alcohol inside your body, sans the mess. If you ever wondered how that tiny girl can take in so much alcohol, it’s because her body just keeps on flushing it out.

3. Dance!

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As opposed to just sitting, standing up and getting the jiggy with it help aid your drunken state. There’s no scientific study to back up this tip, but they say this allows the alcohol to go down faster. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your dress and that thigh-high slit. Just don’t be rowdy, it’s not in our vocabulary.

4. Keep your cool.

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Even if you spot your ex boyfriend and his new gf, don’t cause a scene. Fashion girls never let the alcohol (and heightened emotions) ruin a perfectly good night and outfit. You’ll only regret it in the morning.

5. Never—at all costs—puke.

Keep it together, at least until you get home. If you really can’t hold it anymore, politely excuse yourself and run like the wind to the toilet. You wouldn’t want to regurgitate your cookies at the bar, on your date, or worse, on your favorite pair of suede shoes! The lavatory is your best friend. Do not leave until you’ve composed yourself. 

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6. Eat your mints.

A fashion girl will always have a pack of mints and a mini perfume bottle stashed in her designer purse. No one wants the smell of alcohol, especially when mixed in with puke. This should also help with the woozy feeling.

7. Know when it’s time to go home.

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#FOMO is not a fashion girl’s problem. You don't go when everyone leaves, they leave because you're not there anymore. 

8. Don’t leave your date.

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That said, respect your date. Don’t run off with another cutie you just met at the party. If you're lucky and he's a true gentleman, he wouldn't mind leaving early just to take you home.

Remember: Fashion girls don’t get wasted—we just get buzzed.


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