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How To Be Camera-Ready Like Anne Curtis

Our nine-time cover girl teaches one lucky lady how to be a Smilebrity.

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Looking for new selfie pegs? Scrolling through Anne Curtis’ social media accounts should do the trick. It’s really unfair how she seems to have zero bad angles: Her most unflattering photos are still way better than our best ones. That’s why she's the best person to teach our LISTERINE® Smilebrity winner, college senior Laurie Ann Dimayuga, how to work the camera like a pro. Here's what Anne taught Laurie during their shoot with celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao:

1. Loosen up!
It was Laurie's first-ever photoshoot for a magazine, and she can't help but be a little nervous. Anne taught Laurie to shake off her jitters so she'll be more relaxed in front of the camera.

2. Flirt with the camera.
If you're running out of poses, you can always blow the camera a kiss! It's a no-fail option that puts the spotlight on your lips while making your cheekbones pop.

3. Get wacky!
Don't be afraid to be silly in front of the camera! Try cutesy poses, do the dab, and just have fun!

4. Flash those pearly whites!
A great smile will always make your photos look better. Use LISTERINE® Healthy White regularly to get brighter teeth and a more confident grin! 

Watch this video to see Anne and Laurie in action!

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