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10 Steps To ~*Becoming Lara Jean*~ According To Lana Condor

'Read romance novels!'
PHOTO: Netflix

On April 3, To All The Boys star Lana Condor took to YouTube to share some reminders about the current COVID-19 pandemic. In her vlog, she also talked about how one can completely *embody* Lara Jean. 


Here's what we learned from her "goofy" tutorial: 

  1. Watch the To All The Boys movies, preferably with cookies + pizza.
  2. If you don't have LJ's looong hair, use extensions.  
  3. Practic putting on makeup (Lara Jean uses Korean lip tints and lots of blush).  
  4. It's all about the scrunchie!  
  5. Copy Lara Jean's style—combine vintage colorful pieces "that you would never think would go together" and "beautiful dresses and skirts that make you fall in love!"
  6. Write a love letter, even though you don't have a special someone at the moment. You could even write one to yourself. #SelfLove. 
  7. SEND THE LETTER. "If you don't have a little brother or sister, give it to your dog and hope that your dog will put it in its mouth and carry it."
  8. Fallin lovea lot. 
  9. Read romance novels! 
  10. Put on a gorgeous gown and ~dramatically~ walk down the stairs to make a grand entrance. 
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Watch the full vid here: 


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