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How To Dry Your Clothes In A Small Condo If You Have To Stay Indoors

*Hair dry* if you really can't air dry!
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In this time of community quarantine, there's one problem some of us who are living in small spaces or highrise condominiums are dealing with right now: "How do I dry my clothes if I don't have a clothesline or a balcony?" Because right now, you can't go to laundromats and it's time to face your own laundryat home.

If you don't have access to one of those tumble dryers or the fancy heated clothes racks everyone's raging about, here are some quick hacks you can try: 

1. Wash your clothes in smaller loads. 

You won't be able to wash a week's worth of clothes all at once, that's for sure. The Spruce says that it usually takes 24 hours for clothes to dry indoors. While this process takes longer, it gives you more space to really spread your clothes out, which means that they will dry faster, and you can focus on washing another *small* load. 

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2. Use your shower curtain rod and bath towel bars. 

You could also purchase circular clothes hangers with clamps to utilize the space even more! These are perfect for small items such as your underwear and socks. If you still need more space, you can improvise and make a DIY clothesline INSIDE your living room or bedroom. 

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3. Ventilation + sunlight is important. 

Of course, you don't want your laundry to have that damp indoor smell. Once your clothes have stopped ~dripping~ in the bathroom, you can hang your clothes near an open window, and/or place an electric fan directly opposite them. If your window lets some sunlight in, that's even better! 

4. Don't forget to rotate! 

According to an article by Ovo Energy, you should regularly check on the drying status of your clothes. Rotate them around so that they get even contact with air. It's also important to pay attention to pockets, underarm areas, and cuffs because these are "notorious areas for dampness." 

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5. *Hair dry* if you really can't air dry. 

If you have a handheld blow dryer/hairdryer at home, you could use that, but only for one or two pieces of clothing at a time. According to a UK-based community site called Help With The Washing, set your hairdryer to medium to high heat and move the hairdryer across the surface of your garment. "Make sure that you don't focus the heat for too long at one point because this could damage the fabric! Dry the entire surface area of your garment, including turning it inside out to get out all moisture." 


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