How To Take Travel Photos Like Anne Curtis

#Travelgram on point!
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Ask us for a list of celebrity jetsetters and we’ll definitely answer Anne Curtis. The national sweetheart frequently explores one beautiful destination after another, and she never fails to supply us with travel envy every single time. Her wanderlust is simply contagious, even more so because her #travelgrams are always on point. Want to score extra hearts for your travel posts? Then read on and take notes from this local celeb.

1. Take a pre-flight OOTD at the airport.

Let your followers know that you’re off to somewhere amazing.

2. Shoot your travel essentials.

Include your fancy passport holder and a good book that will be keeping you company during the long flight. Plus points if you’re an expert in flatlays!

3. Create a signature pose.

The 3-0 pose is already so distinctively Anne Curtis. She always does this whenever she goes to iconic travel destinations.

4. Share your view from the top.

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Be it snowy mountains or bright city lights, it’s something that you can instantly share with your followers as soon as you get off that plane. Don’t be lazy and just snap a quick photo of that gorgeous view.

5. Plan your OOTDs.

First things first: be sure to dress accordingly. Do your homework and check the weather forecast as you pack, but whatever happens, be dressed to kill. Since you'll be taking lots of photos in that same outfit, it better be a really good one.

6. Try local delicacies.

Enjoy the food and don’t forget to post #foodstagrams!

7. Take shoefies!

You’re stepping on foreign land. Cement it with a #shoefie!

8. Strike a pose like nobody’s watching.

Work it, girl!

9. Appreciate the beauty surrounding you.

Take a moment to see the world for what it is. Because otherwise, what’s the point of traveling all the way to a different place? 

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10. Always be game for an adventure.

Skydiving, desert camping, ice trekking—name it and Anne has already probably done it! Traveling is a great way to collect priceless experiences, so be sure to make the most of your adventure.

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