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How You Can Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Make 2018 your time to shine.
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“This is going to be MY year,” you tell yourself every start of January...until you land your first major disappointment, and you slowly realize that it might not be your year, after all.

2018, however, will be different. Now that you’re older, wiser, and more than ready to face everything the year can bring, nothing should stop you from pursuing your passion and realizing your full potential. Take it from Nike Air Force 1 muses Jess Connelly, Bea Constantino, and AC Lalata, three women who inspire and empower their fellow Pinays in the fields of music, style, and dance. Watch this video to get to know Bea, Jess, and AC better:

Feeling inspired? Here's their solid advice on how a person can be the best version of herself in the coming year.

Believe in your skills.
In your quest for perfection, it’s so easy to be your own harshest critic. However, you should also be your biggest fan. “Being an artist, in general, is a constant challenge with yourself,” says Jess, who’s one of the hottest artists in the local indie music scene. “Doubting yourself and overanalyzing your work are daily occurrences. I am my own worst enemy, but if I don't believe in what I do then no one else will.”

Stay inspired.
Seeking inspiration makes you more motivated to do more and to be better. Bea, who happens to be fashion stylist, keeps her creative juices flowing by checking the street style scene here and abroad. “I feel like that's the best way to know the place and its people,” she explains.

Keep learning.
It’s never too late to hone new skills. Take it from Philippine Allstars member AC, who didn’t let two severe knee injuries stop her from dancing. “If you want to dance and if you love dance, just do it! No excuses,” she points out. “Be open to new things and don’t be complacent. There are going to be bumps along the way, but don’t use them as an excuse to stop.”

Give everything your best shot.
Aside from being a fashion stylist, Bea is also the founder of Herman & Co., a heritage clothing brand that uses textiles and products from Southern Mindanao communities. “I do everything myself—sourcing, designing, marketing, and selling,” she reveals. It’s no easy feat, but the chance to shine the spotlight on indigenous craftsmanship keeps her motivated to do her best.

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