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Hunky Rock Fans Reveal What Music They'd NEVER Listen To

At the NU Rock Awards, Cosmo asked men about their musical pet peeves.

Men's taste in music is one of the things we sometimes don't understand—and should never mess with. Take your guy, for example. You may agree on some playlist choices, but he'd avoid altogether a few artists, albums, genres, or songs. And vice versa. You know you also can't force your choice of music upon him.

A lot of guys dig sounds that are loud and adrenaline-pumping. Go to any rock concert, and you'll most likely see a predominantly male audience. That's definitely what we witnessed at the NU Rock Awards 2010 held last October 29 at the NBC Tent. Tons of guys were in attendance, all reminiscing past Rock Awards and lamenting the fact that that event would be the last. Cosmo decided to get all rock and roll in the moshpit and interrupted hotties from their headbanging to the sounds of Pupil, Rivermaya, Franco, and Urbandub, just to ask them for you: What kind of music would you never listen to?

Click on the button below to view the gallery of hot rock music fans, and find out what music you should think twice about imposing on your man in the car (that is, if you even like the songs they swear they'd tune out to).

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