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Some Of The Most *Iconic* Songs From Recent K-Dramas

These soundtracks get us every. single. time.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Goblin/TVN; (RIGHT) Instagram/JTBCDrama

Part of the experience of being hooked on a K-drama is getting songs from the shows stuck in our head for days—in some cases, months! You know what songs we’re talking about: those that play in the opening credits, sad moments, and most importantly, pivotal kilig moments. In case you still don’t have a playlist of your favorite K-drama songs, we rounded up some of our picks of the most iconic tracks from recent K-dramas. We also included the full albums per show, so you can pick your faves, too!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Some favorites: “It’s You”, “Wanna Be”

She Was Pretty

Some favorites: “Thumping”, “Sometimes”

Crash Landing On You

Some favorites: “Flower”, “Here I Am Again”, “Give You My Heart”

Itaewon Class

Some favorites: “Start Over”, “Someday, The Boy” “Sweet Night”

Hospital Playlist

Some favorites: “Aloha”, “Lonely Night”

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Descendants Of The Sun 

Some favorites: “Always”, “Everytime”

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok  Joo

Some favorites: “You & I”, “From Now On”

The King: Eternal Monarch 

Some favorites: “Orbit”, “Please Don’t Cry”

While You Were Sleeping

Some favorites: “When A Long Night Comes”, “It’s You”

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Some favorites: “Beautiful”, “Hush”, “Stay With Me”

Reply 1988

Some favorites: “Hyehwadong Or Ssammundong”, “Youth”

Suspicious Partner

Some favorites: “Silly Love”, “Why You?”


Strong Woman Dong Bo Soon

Some favorites: “Heartbeat”, “Double Trouble Couple”


Some favorites: “It’s Definitely You”, “I’ll Be Here”

Sky Castle

The favorite: "We All Lie"

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