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In Retrospect: 32 Cosmotized Years With Helen Gurley Brown

Discover three decades of Cosmo's amazing transformation under the leadership of its former editor-in-chief.

Can you believe that your fave mag is actually 126 years old? Before you scratch your heads imagining how 19th century gals could've rocked brocade and lace, we let you in on another shocker: Cosmo wasn't always the hip, confident, and ultra-sexy magazine you know now. In fact, in its early years, Cosmo was a woman's fashion magazine that discussed family matters, taking care of the home, and cooking--a far cry from the bold, brazen women's lifestylist it is now.

Cosmo didn't get its fierce facelift until several decades after the magazine was born. Armed with a perspective that gleefully gave the middle finger to her era's social conventions, one person blazed the trail for single women to embrace being fun, fearless, and fabulous: the late Helen Gurley Brown, bestselling author and legendary former Cosmo US editor-in-chief.

She turned Cosmo into every woman's ultimate guide, encouraging ladies to go for it--whether it is career success or the best sex ever. She even scored celeb appearances for the mag, helping sales skyrocket. With Helen's recent passing away, we recognize how her winning formula of single+sexy helped establish Cosmo as the magazine women all over the world now know and love.

Want to travel back in time and see how much Cosmo has changed throughout Helen's 32-year stint as editor? Launch the gallery now and see the amazing transformation.

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