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Aww, Ina Raymundo Is 'a bit in denial' That Her Daughter Erika Is Already 18

'You will always be the feisty and fiery one in the family.'
PHOTO: Instagram/inaraymundo95

Ina Raymundo is still in denial her daughter Erika Portunak is already an adult.

Erika is the eldest of five children of Ina and her husband Brian Portunak

On October 10, Erika's 18th birthday, Ina took to Instagram to reminisce about her first pregnancy.

In the caption, the actress posted a letter.

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"We remember vividly the day you were born," the mother of five began.

"The hospital in Vancouver forgot to give me an epidural so you were the most alert of all.

"That smirk, with your Angelina Jolie lips, you gave us the first time we held you in our arms...unforgettable.

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"It's your newborn way of saying, brace yourselves mom and dad!"

Ina described her daughter Erika as a "sweet, happy child."

She continued, "Little things made you ecstatic such as desserts (oh yes! Lotsa sweets!), Barney, Blue's Clues, Totally Spies, Mermaids, Barbie dolls, Polly Pocket, High School Musical, just to name a few..."

Erika has always loved to sing.

Ina recounted, "You used to belt out 'Hey Ya' as a toddler. Your ultimate fave songs as a little girl were 'This Love,' 'My Humps,' 'You Are The Music In Me,' 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'..."

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The celebrity mom also recalled Erika's transitional years when she started becoming distant.

Ina said, "Somewhere along Middle School years, you somehow changed. Mom and dad are the un-coolest persons on earth. We get it. Those were your transition years.

"Now that you're finally 18, you've matured so much. You have a good head on your shoulders and a beautiful heart, Erika.

"You will always be the feisty and fiery one in the family but you are the sweetest too. We can see how you love your siblings so much and can be very protective of them.

"We are blessed to have you.

"Happy 18th Birthday, Erika!

"It's your time to soar high.

"Mom and Dad will be here to support you no matter what.

"We love you so much!


"Mother & Father"

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Erika had shied away from her mom's Instagram feed until late last year when she allowed Ina to post a Halloween-themed photo with her brother Jakob.

Since then, showbiz fans have seen more of Erika.

Ina hopes that the title of "Sabado Nights Girl," the moniker that made the actress famous in the '90s, will be passed on to Erika one day.

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