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This Influencer Keeps Posting The Behind The Scenes Reality Of Her Glamorous Instagram Pictures

Meet Amsterdam-based influencer Rianne Meijer!
PHOTO: Instagram/rianne.meijer

Every wondered where all the hours in the day have gone and then checked your screen time? Yeah...well, you wouldn't be the only one. We get it, social media is an inescapable force and it's easy to get sucked into the never-ending scroll cycle that can often leave you feeling less than positive about things. But sometimes, just sometimes, a little glimmer of sunshine cuts through.

That's why it's so refreshing that Amsterdam-based influencer, Rianne Meijer, is using her platform to show people that the bronzed, flawless pictures we see all day err day aren't reality. That even influencers have to do the ol' take 100-keep-10 process with selfies, and that, in her words, "There's two sides to every story."

Sure, she's glamorous and gorgeous, but her point is that looking this way on Instagram takes a lot of work from lighting and angles to holding strategic poses and that the way things look on social media are never as natural as they seem.

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"I decided to share them because it felt unfair to only show the 'perfect' pictures. And I figured it might help some people to feel better about themselves," Meijer told My Modern Met. "Hopefully when people see perfect pictures of beautiful girls and start to feel insecure, they think about these posts I did and remember that those pics are almost never as perfect as they seem. And of course, I wanted to give people a laugh." 

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It's the roll revolution!

Goodbye Dr Pimple Popper, Rianne is my new Insta-stalk.


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