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The Inside Of Kylie Jenner's Handbag Is The Most Unrelatable Thing You'll See All Day

You won't believe what's inside her purse!
  • Kylie Jenner shares Instagrams wearing a blue Balenciaga dress next to her matching Rolls Royce
  • Kylie also sported a clear handbag, with only one type of contents

    Just when you thought Kylie Jenner couldn't get any less relatable, this happens. For those playing at home, Kylie recently took to Instagram to share a snap of her crouching down next to her powder blue Rolls Royce, wearing a matching blue Balenciaga mini dress - which, is already pretty damn unrelatable IMO, but whatevs.

    On closer inspection of the outfit, however, there's an even more ~extra~ detail hidden in plain sight that went completely unnoticed.

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    Granted, you might be thinking it's the naked shoes, which are pretty impractical for driving, or the huge diamond ring on her finger, but nope, it's something else.

    When you zoom in on her clear handbag, you can see that it's completely transparent, revealing the contents of the star's pouch.

    While we're expecting to see Kylie's phone, keys, wallet (or maybe just a credit card and ID?), perhaps a powder compact, it turns out that our gal doesn't carry any of these things.

    Nope, not one. Presumably because one of her many assistants carries these items for her.

    Instead, she just carries lipgloss:

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    Of course, it's not just any makeup, but her very own Kylie Cosmetics range, including two Lip Kits - y'know, in case she wants to swap half way through the night.

    Safe to say, I cannot relate.

    When I go out clubbing, my bag is normally so full I can barely close the zipper - with everything from my bulky key chain and friend's wallet, to a jacket in case it gets cold.

    Ky's recent display comes just a day after Ky shared footage of the diamond encrusted watch she received from baby daddy Travis Scott, estimated to be worth a whopping P2.6 million.

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    Ah to be young, rich and famous huh?


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