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9 Accounts To Follow For Cute Instagram Story Templates

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Remember when Instagram Story templates were the *coolest* thing to be doing? You couldn't go through one friend's Stories without seeing "My Top 3" or "My Day In GIFs". Well, the trend is back, so we decided to round up some of our fave templates to help get you started.

Visit the Instagram profiles of these content creators and look for their "TEMPLATES" highlights. Tip: You might have to scroll a bit towards the end. Screenshot away, and start filling in the blanks! 

1. createdbyjz

Jeanette (JZ) designed simple templates in various colors and fonts, so you can choose a background that fits your Instagram Stories aesthetic.

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2. moon_pancake

Moon_pancake's templates are perfect for those who love pastels and adorable graphics. Have fun making sure your circles don't overlap those super cute illustrations!


3. alymeetsworld

Food and travel blogger Aly's templates will have you making the tough decisions: From your go-to restos and dishes (cake or ice cream?), to your pop culture and relationship faves.

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4. angelagiakas

The blogger behind The Sunday Chapter, Angela's IG following skyrocketed when celebrities and other big accounts reposted her templates. With nearly 100 to choose from (yes, we counted), there's got to be a template for you!

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5. caitlinbea

Caitlin Bea's template doodles will have you excited to fill in the empty spaces with GIFs (or your own quick sketches, if you've got the art skills).


6. flipandstyle

If you're a fan of the ~minimalist~ aesthetic, or you're obsessed with makeup, have fun choosing which of Vanessa's IGS templates to answer!

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7. marineladrew

Marinela's story templates each have their own unique background, so there's *definitely* got to be one that catches your eye. From travel to K-dramas to everything in between, have fun filling in the blanks!

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8. leahferezan

Leah has a mix of templates so your friends and fam can get to know you better—we love her movie challenges, because it also acts as a list of films to add to your next movie marathon!


9. kelseyinlondon

Kelsey has over 100 IG Story templates in her Highlights reel—from choosing your fave movies and shows (by genre), to sharing the love (Follow Friday, Best Friend Bingo, etc.), there's a little something for everyone—and you can download even more on her blog!

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