Selena Gomez Reveals The Secret To Being Good At Instagram

Can't keep my likes to myself.

Selena Gomez is the undeniable queen of Instagram: Not only does she have the most-liked photo of all time, but she also has the app's most followers and gets paid a cool $550,000 per sponsored post. It's hard to imagine anyone who's better suited to give advice on how to use the appand lucky for her fans, she recently divulged the secret to her success in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Here are just a few of Selena's best Insta-tips, and for more, check out the rest of her interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Don't overthink it. 

While Selena says there isn't really a "method to her madness," she does think part of the reason she's been so successful with Instagram is because she doesn't overthink it.

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"It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be great for Instagram. I should post it,'" she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I know it's boring, but that's genuinely what I do."

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When it doubt, use an emoji. 

If you can't think of a caption, don't force it. Instead, keep it simple with an emoji.

Mix it up. 

Selena's Instagram gives her fans a super-intimate inside look into the singer's everyday life, and part of why it's so great is because of the variety of mediums she uses. She posts pictures from professional photo shoots next to selfies and improvised videos, and that means it never feels boring.

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"I try to find a good balance of just being 100 percent myself and knowing when to post a really good selfie with good lighting," she said.

It doesn't hurt to have photographer friends. 

If you want to know why some of Selena's photos seem like they're a little too perfect, it's because a lot of them are taken by her tour photographer. Obviously, not everyone has one of those, but if one of your friends happens to be super good at framing a shot, there's no shame in utilizing them for an awesome picture.

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