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Neri Miranda's ~*Flawless Kili-Kili*~ In Viral IG Photo Draws Amused Reactions From Netizens

'Walang sinabi ang double chin sa makinis na kili-kili. Ano pong sikreto nyo?'
Neri Miranda amuses netizens with her flawless underarms
PHOTO: Instagram/mrsnerimiranda

Fresh off giving birth just three months ago, Neri Miranda *amused* netizens with her recent now-viral IG post, which shows a photo of herself asleep beside her newborn baby Cash, both of them posing with both of their arms raised overhead. “Motherhood,” the 36-year-old actress captioned it.

Neri Miranda posts motherhood photo.

The aforementioned photo gives a good glimpse of the new mom’s unfiltered state, with Neri even candidly flaunting her double chin and nonchalance.

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However, her ~*flawless kili-kili*~ were undoubtedly what drew the netizens' amused reactions. Some users, who were clearly impressed, couldn’t help but comment.
Kili-kili po ang nagdala,“ one follower wrote.

Another fan quipped, “Walang sinabi ang double chin sa makinis na kili-kili. Ano pong sikreto nyo?”

One user was also naturally amazed, given that most moms struggle with underam discoloration after giving birth. She said, “Sana all maputi ang kili-kili kahit kakapanganak pa lang.”

Comments on Neri Miranda's IG
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Since moms who had just given birth commonly experience hormonal changes and excess melanin pigments, it usually leads to dark underarms. As of writing, Neri has yet to respond on how she managed to maintain her hair-free and even-toned armpits. But ICYDK, the actress is also an esteemed entrepreneur and a proud owner of her very own dermatology clinic in Tagaytay, which specializes in underarm whitening. So it is possible that she sought professional treatments.

Whatever's the case, we can all agree on one thing: You look great, Neri!


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