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The iPhone 8 Might Be Able To Float On Water

Also, we might finally be able to say goodbye to cracked screens.
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The latest iPhone 7 model is waterproof, but it's not shock or crack proofwhich is exactly what Tech Stuff reports Apple is hoping to introduce to the next phone they create.

The website says Apple received a patent on April 4 to create a phone with shock absorbersand a mechanism which means the phone floats on waterin a bid to prevent cracked screens and water damage.

Apparently, this will involve "bumpers" that pop out from each corner of the device to cushion impact, as well as creating a buoyancy aid, to stop the phone whacking a hard surface or sinking in water.

If this is true and Apple can make it work, it will make nights out SO. MUCH. EASIER.

According to the patent, the technology will be based on sensors (such as the "accelerometer," which is already present in most smartphones) that can detect when the device is in "free fall."

Tech Stuff reports the patent reads:

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"The length of time in free fall may be used to calculate the height and velocity of movement, and thus to make a determination whether the device has been dropped or merely set down.
"Devices may sometimes be exposed to elements such as water and may even be dropped into water environments such as a lake, ocean, or even a bathtub or sink within the home."

So, when the software decided the phone has been dropped rather than put down? The corner bumpers will spring out to cushion the fall, as well as enable flotation.

We're sold.


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