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This Is How Isabelle Daza Responded To 'Photoshopped' IG Comment

You go, Belle!
PHOTO: Instagram/isabelledaza

New mom Isabelle Daza recently introduced us to her four-month-old son, Baltie. In an emotional post this month, Belle shared why it took her so long to show Baltie's face on social media. We also witnessed a cute moment of Gloria Diaz bonding with her grandson.

Now, it looks like Baltie is more comfortable in front of the camera! In an Instagram post on Monday, Belle posted an endorsement photo featuring her and her son.

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We can see the usual gushing comments from friends and family, such as Jess Wilson, Cheska Kramer, Liz Uy, Solenn Heussaff, and Pauleen Luna (yay for supportive friends!).  

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But a quick scroll through the comments section shows one from an ~anonymous~ user that said, "[Have your] arms been photoshopped?"

Belle responded with a "yes." Other Instagram users were quick to defend Belle, saying that asking a question like that was rude and unnecessary. We think Belle handled it quite well, though. We can't wait to see more of her and Baby Baltie! 

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