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Isabelle Daza Shares All Three Of Her Baby Shower Videos

We can relive this fun day over and over again.
PHOTO: Instagram/isabelledaza

Isabelle Daza had a fun sportsfest-themed baby shower last March 17, when her family and closest friends had to go through challenging obstacle courses. But apparently, the competition is not over yet. 

According to Belle's Instagram post on March 24, she also had three videographers compete for the best event video. On her first post about the "competition," she wrote, "So this time last week we celebrated #babySEMBLAThlete with all our friends and family. I had three videos created in true 'me' fashion to see who came out with the best one."

The first video is by Robert Angelo Maddatu

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The second video is by Kirstin Alonzo

The third video is by 4:30 Films.

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Isabelle, who is scheduled to give birth in three weeks, has not yet announced which is the best video for her.

How about you, CGs, which video is your favorite?