These 'It Girls' Clips Make Us REALLY Excited To Watch Their Show

This show will srsly be our latest obsession.

The It Girlsyes, the actual girls: Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, and Georgina Wilsonare all set for their reality TV debut on E! Channel. But before the fab four appear on TV screens in 22 countries across Asia, here are some super entertaining snippets of what’s in store for all of us stalkers followers.

In recently released clips on the IG accounts of Belle, Sos, and Liz (Still waiting for yours, George!), the girls candidly and cattily talk about what they love and (love to) hate about each other! Ooohhh, #DRAMA.

Here are some snippets of what they had to say (and get ready to LOL):

Liz on what she loves about Belle:

“She’s so nurturing and caring and loving even if she’s the youngest in the group.”

George on what she loves to hate about Belle:

“Belle’s a meddler. And so sometimes, I’m like, ‘Bitch, back off!’”


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Belle on what she loves about Liz:

“What I love about Liz is that she is such a true and authentic person.”

George on what she loves to hate about Liz:

“I have to nag her to do things for me. I mean, I have to beg her to source clothes for me and stuff.”


Belle on what she loves about Solenn:

“Nothing. Hate that bitch.” LOLOLOL

George on what she loves to hate about Solenn:

“I love to hate how she’s always 5 minutes before we’re supposed to be anywhere and nags me to hell about it. UGH. Be a little late!”


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It Girls premieres on E! on Monday, October 24, at 8 p.m.

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