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It's Totally Okay, If Not Awesome, To Be A Tita Of Manila

'She's such a unique character in Pinoy culture.'

Popular Twitter account Titas of Manila just celebrated its first anniversary, or as your tita would call it, its “Titaversary.” “It felt like a year went by really fast since I started my kalohohan,” says TOM account owner Dani Veluz with a laugh.

We’ve all had a tita in our life, whether an actual tita, or just the mom of your friend, whom we (of course) also call tita—and with every one of her witty one-liners, Dani has tita-ology down to a science, from their fondness for cheesecake, to their obsession about your singlehood, and the way they also ask you to “download Tagalog movies and put it in my iPad.”

A year and almost 28,000 followers since her first tweet, Veluz reflects on why Tita is so popular. “She’s such a unique character in Pinoy culture,” she muses. “And you’re all going to become a tita one way or another.” Hey, if we’re half as funny as a Tita of Manila, we’ll take it.

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