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Calling All 'Itaewon Class' Fans! Ahn Bo Hyun + Lee Jo Young Are Guests On 'Running Man'

They played their hearts out!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bohyunahn, (RIGHT) Instagram/i_icaruswalks

It's been weeks since Itaewon Class ended, and we already miss seeing the cast. So, when we found out that two of its stars—Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Joo Young—have recently guested on popular K-variety show Running Man, we followed the drill and headed straight to Viu for the latest episode.

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Not only are they guests on the show, they also serve as team captains along with actors Ji Eun Soo and Song Jin Woo. In this RM episode, the entire gang plays the "Devil Whisper's Race" where they need to go through a series of games like charades, water gun fights, and the show's trademark nametag-ripping challenge to find out which cast members are tagged as "devils" and "angels." Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Joo Young put their game faces on and seem to have shocked everyone by their competitive streak. Whose team do you think will win?

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In Itaewon Class, Ahn Bo Hyun played Jang Geun-Won, the heir to main character Park Saeroyi's rival company Jangga Group, while Lee Joo Young plays Ma Hyun Yi, a transgender woman who works as the chief cook of Park Saeroyi's restaurant, Dan Bam.

You can watch Running Man on Viu.


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