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Ivana Alawi, Bretman Rock Make An Appearance In Bella Poarch's New Music Video For 'Inferno'

The MV also features over 15 cameos from social media personalities!

Filipino-American singer and TikTok personality Bella Poarch dropped the new music video for her second single "Inferno" on August 13. 

The song is a collaboration with singer and songwriter Sub Urban, who's also worked with Bella in her first single, "Build A Bitch." 

The video also features cameos from over 15 social media personalities such as Staryuuki, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Bretman Rock, and Ivana Alawi.

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On Instagram, Ivana wrote, "Don't blink. Did you spot someone familiar in @bellapoarch new MV?"

"Congrats, babe! So glad to have been able to join you, even for a quick glance," Ivana added.

Bretman posted a comment on Ivana's photo and wrote, "You ate this look up."

Bretman, who's revealed that he's Bella's cousin, wrote, "My sweet cousin Bellinda, I'm so proud of you and thank you for always having me in your music videos even though I have to do fittings from 5704.7 miles away."

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Bella provided a trigger warning in the comments section of the video. She shared, "As a victim of sexual assault, this song and video mean a lot to me. This is something I haven't been ready to share with you just yet."

The singer expressed that it's hard for her to talk about the subject but said she's now ready to share her experience. Bella added, "I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went. It's a fantasy I wish was true. I'm looking forward to sharing this with you all."

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Check out Bella's newest single here: