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*Everything* You Need To Know About The Members Of IVE

Let's all *dive* with the new girls in K-pop!
Your *Best* Guide To The Members Of IVE
PHOTO: Twitter/ivestarship

K-pop, being such a competitive industry, is never easy to dominate. Each year, a number of groups and soloists test their fate by debuting but not everyone has luck on their side—or maybe the timing isn't just right. In a world where creativity is on a top-notch level, anyone who wants to get the spotlight must have the charm, uniqueness, and everything else in between in order to shine. For IVE, they definitely ticked all the boxes as their career has already skyrocketed to prominence in their debut era.

IVE is a six-member girl group from Starship Entertainment and they made their remarkable debut with "ELEVEN" on December 1, 2021. The group consists of members Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo. With their overflowing talents and admirable personalities, IVE is definitely one of the fourth-generation K-pop groups to watch out for.

Since we've already built your interest in this K-pop girl group, let us now introduce the members that form IVE:

  1. Yujin - IVE Leader, Vocalist
    IVE's Leader, An Yu Jin, is not a newbie in the K-pop space. She has already shown the world her talent and it's pretty much evident that this girl was born to conquer the stage. She became one of the youngest contestants to appear in the show King Of Masked Singer. Yujin also appeared in the survival program, Produce 48, where she placed fifth and made it as a member of the group, IZ*ONE. Being the talented idol that she is, she was also booked in several music video appearances including "Rain" by Soyou and EXO's Baekhyun, "Just U" by Jeong Sewoon, and a lot more.


    Wait, it doesn't end there: Yujin is also blessed with hosting skills and she was chosen as one of the MCs of the Korean music show, Inkigayo, until March 2022! We love a busy idol who can still lead her group very well. If you want to see more of her, check her Instagram, @_yujin_an.

  2. Gaeul - IVE Main Dancer, Rapper
    The oldest member of IVE, Kim Gaeul was given her name for being born during the autumn season but surprisingly, she likes spring the best! In her Show What I Have introduction video, Gaeul said that she's always curious about so many things. This is probably why she's pretty interested in reading mystery novels and watching horror movies. On usual days, she loves lying on the bed the most as if she's attached to it but when it comes to dancing, it's a different story.

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    Watching her fancams will let you realize that this girl is brimming with charisma. With her sharp dance movements, there's no doubt that she is gifted with such talent. All the years that she spent on training further enhanced her ability and we appreciate the *universe* for letting us see her magic. One last fact: Gaeul is a certified pink lover!

  3. Rei - IVE Rapper
    The third IVE member that we're getting to know is Naoi Rei from Japan. She might have come from a different country but she speaks Korean so well. Rei is assigned to do the rap in her team and what else can we say? She's spitting words with power and we are all *impressed.* Aside from being a musical artist, art plays a huge part in her life. She has drawn a lot of things and has created crafts like a pro! *wink*


    Rei is oozing with creativity. She also loves decorating objects and is fond of collecting things like roses and butterflies. There's one item that she always brings with herand that's a headphone from her grandfather. This girl has plenty of appeal and if we can describe her in one more word, that would be passionate.

  4. Wonyoung - IVE Vocalist
    If you've been a Kpop fan for a while, this is not the first time that you have encountered Jang Won Young. She is the second IZ*ONE member who re-debuted in IVE. Just like Yujin, Wonyoung appeared in Produce 48 where she captured the hearts of many viewers, the reason why she ranked first place and became the center of her former group. Currently, she's the MC of Music Bank alongside ENHYPEN's Sunghoon, a tandem that we ~deserve~ to see every Friday.


    With a growing interest in beauty and fashion, Wonyoung has it all to make it big in this field. She said that she sometimes does a fashion show at home and who knows? We might see her walk on a real fashion runway one day! Fun fact: Wonyoung's name means "to shine forever" and we definitely understand why it fits her so well. See more of her shining moments on her Instagram account, @for_everyoung10.

  5. Liz - IVE Vocalist

    18-year old Kim Ji Won, who goes by the stage name Liz, is an idol with angel-like visuals and heavenly vocals. She may have lots of shy moments but she's undeniably a total performer every time she's on stage. Liz also has an undying love for cats and every fur parent out there knows how endearing it is to be one.

    In our eyes, Liz is a girl that can be sweet and beautiful in everything she does. She has a smile that is so infectious and her dimple gives us joy! Liz is also like a princess singing in a fairytale and a perfect example of that is her cover of IU's "Friday." BRB, manifesting a K-drama OST recorded by her!
  6. Leeseo - IVE Maknae, Vocalist
    Born in 2007, IVE's maknae Lee Hyun Seo or Leeseo made her debut at the age of 14. She's living proof that there is no age requirement to conquer your dreams. As the youngest member, Leeseo is receiving much affection from all of her eonnies. Despite the busy schedule as an idol, she's able to balance her time and spend her days wonderfully as a young teenager. Leeseo revealed that her favorite outfit is her school uniform and yes, she definitely looks charming wearing those!


    As an extrovert, she likes to go around without losing her energy. This maknae is definitely a source of happiness for her members and for DIVEs. She may act all cute but she's always serious about singing and performing. Leeseo mostly says the line "I like it" and now is the time to reciprocate because we not only like her—we definitely love her bigtime! 


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