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Iya Villania And Drew Arellano's Kids Leon And Primo Also Test Positive For COVID-19

Iya Villania And Drew Arellano's Kids Leon And Primo Also Test Positive For COVID-19
PHOTO: Instagram/iyavillania

Just days after Iya Villania shared that she and Drew Arellano are in quarantine, their kids Leon and Primo also tested positive for COVID-19.

The Mars Pa More host took to Instagram to share details about how they're coping with the situation.

"I knew chances were slim, but after almost a week, our little kuya (as well as our ate that takes care of Alana) has joined me on the dark side," Iya wrote on January 12. "Leon woke up with a fever and also [vomited] this morning.

Iya also spoke about how the entire household has to reset its "Day 1" for the quarantine whenever a new family member tests positive for COVID. The couple also had to navigate when it would be best to release Drew from quarantine so he can help take care of their youngest child, their daughter, Alana.

"Geez… This COVID is so tricky, a! It’s not as simple as positives with positives and negatives with negatives. The moment someone tests positive and is put in a room with other positives, the most recent positive’s Day 1 becomes everyone else’s Day 1 (did you get that?)."


The following day, Iya announced that Primo had also contracted the virus.

"Oh to be a mother. I’m glad I’ve pretty much recovered to be able to care for these monkeys."

"Mamas! Papas! Make sure you have everything ready for the night," Iya reminded parents. "Especially if you’re isolated and have limited access to things around the house. Get ready for battle."

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In early January, Iya and Drew shared the happy news that they're expecting their fourth child.

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