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Iza Calzado Remembers Her Late Parents In A Touching Post: 'I feel connected to them now more than ever'

'I have a better understanding of them and the choices they made along the way.'

Iza Calzado took to Instagram to remember her late parents, choreographer Lito Calzado and Mary Ann Ussher in a note she titled "Sweet November."

Posted on November 30, Iza shared a video of the sky and began her post by writing,
"It's been 20 years since my mother left this world and 10 years since my father followed her in heaven."

"I normally post photos of loved ones to honor them yet somehow, no photo of theirs could represent how I see and feel them in my life now," the actress continued.

Iza said that as she was laying down to look up at the clouds and watching the birds fly by, she knew that they were with her. "That's how I experience them now—through the beautiful gifts of nature, opportunities given to me, and people sent to my life that help me along the way. All these blessings from God and from them." Iza wrote. 


She added, "I feel connected to them now more than ever. Perhaps it's because as the years pass, with life's ups and downs, I have a better understanding of them and the choices they made along the way." 

Iza continued, "They weren't perfect people and I will never be either but how perfectly it all came together, the joy and sorrow, the pain and pleasure, and all that love that held it together. My mother and father were perfectly chosen by God to help me in my evolution. What a gift!"

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Iza ended her post by writing, "One day our souls will meet again. Until then, I will live life knowing that you're both near, watching over me, supporting me along the way. Thank you for everything."

If you're one of Iza's 1.6 million followers on Instagram, you'll notice how often she shares photos of her late parents. In June, the actress posted a photo of herself with her dad and shared, "Ours was not a perfect relationship but you were exactly the Father that I needed and still long for now that you're (physically) gone. Grateful for your energy that still exists and gives me the warmest embrace when I need it."



In 2019, Iza bravely opened up about losing her mom to depression and by sharing her story, Iza said, "I want to let her know that I am no longer ashamed and I understand her."