Jaclyn Hill Has Deleted Her Twitter And Instagram Accounts

'I need to protect my mental state first and foremost.'

Jaclyn Hill has deleted her social media accounts after mounting criticism online following her lipstick launch.

The 28-year-old announced her line, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, in May this year after working on her makeup range for the past five years.

However, when customers started to receive their lipsticks they noticed unknown fibers, holes, small "plastic" balls, and what appeared to be "metal" fragments, embedded in the formula.

As more and more customers started to share their pictures on social media, Jaclyn posted a response video claiming that the "gritty" feeling was due to ingredients not being properly mixed and that the unknown fibers were caused by the cotton gloves worn by factory workers.

However, a week and a half later, Jaclyn took to Instagram Stories to apologize. Stating that her original response video made her "cringe" and she didn't take the time to assess the situation.

"I just felt so much pressure, and panicked to get a video up. I just wanted to defend my brand so bad and I look at that and I'm just like, 'Oh my gosh Jaclyn, like calm down.' I needed to take a step back for a moment and breathe, and I did not take that time."

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Despite announcing that she would be issuing all customers with a full refund, including shipping and taxing, Jaclyn continued to receive criticism online. When some people questioned whether she was telling the truth about the situation, she tweeted:

"I have told the full truth. Everything that I know I've shared with you, other than confidential 'things.' You don't have to believe me... But I'm being honest."

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The Tweet was later deleted and when questioned, Jaclyn explained:

"I deleted it because I immediately got hateful comments and although everything I stated is 1,000% true, I need to protect my mental state first and foremost. And I know people think that makes me a 'victim' but honestly my sanity needs to come first."

After this Tweet, Jaclyn deleted, or deactived, all of her social media accounts. The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics social pages remain open.

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com/uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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