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James Reid On Nadine Lustre: 'She helped me through the darkest time of my life'


On Tonight With Boy Abunda, James Reid talked about how girlfriend Nadine Lustre helped him through his depression, which he called “the darkest time of my life.” This was before they officially got together in 2016. At the height of his depression, he thought of quitting showbiz “many times.”

The actor-musician said, “I was so affected by people telling me how to be and what to do with my life.” He went on a solo trip to Japan to get away, and when he came back, his relationship with Nadine “really started to kick off.”

James said, “With her, I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone. I could just be myself completely. She helped me through the darkest time of my life, and I’ve been there for her for hers.” In March, Nadine shared how her brother Isaiah’s suicide in 2017 affected her and how she struggled with depression in 2015 and 2016.


James said in his TWBA interview that he’s in a better place now. “I’m more open now. I’m probably in the best time of my life.”

The musician also talked about being the chairman of his record label, Careless Music Manila. Working with friends and family, James said it’s “not easy” but it’s all good with his tight-knit team.

On being both the boss and the creative, James said, “That’s where I’m a bad boss. I need my CEO and president to tell me to control myself. I can see how things can be and the budget runs up, but they’re the ones who tell me to slow down.” He added, “It’s a great feeling to help provide a platform for artists.”

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If you are suicidal or are experiencing symptoms of depression, know that there is help and hope. You may call the following hotlines:

Crisis Line (for non-sectarian, non-judgmental telephone counseling): 

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Globe Duo: 0917-8001123 / 0917-5067314

Sun Double Unlimited: 0922-8938944 / 0922-3468776

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