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James Reid Recalls Being *Scolded* By A Director While Filming A Teleserye

'She came down to the set and screamed at me.'
James Reid Recalls Being *Scolded* By A Director While Filming A Teleserye
PHOTO: Instagram/james

You would think that artistas as talented as James Reid never experienced being anything short of exceptional, but superstars aren’t made overnight. They also went through their fair share of struggles to make it in such a cutthroat industry. Case in point: The singer-actor revealed that he once got scolded by a renowned director while filming a teleserye.

“I did this teleserye a long long time ago. It was one of my first roles ever,” says James, recalling a time when a director screamed at him on set. “It was bad. The director's booth was five meters away from where we were. And then she screamed through the microphone. The speakers [blasted], 'Cut!’"

“And then she walked all the way [to me]. She came down to the set and screamed at me,” he continued.

IMAGE Instagram/james

It was his first teleserye straight out of Pinoy Big Brother and James admits that he was new to acting. "After which, she apologized to me. ‘I was just making sure that you were taking this seriously. You know, you give it your all.' She encouraged me afterwards,” he says. “But it was bad. She really gave it to me."


However, the incident helped him take his roles more *seriously* and become the actor he is today. "She really inspired me afterwards, but in the moment, I felt like crawling up like a little ball and jumping in the river.”

Aww. Look where you are now, James!

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