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James Younghusband As James Bond: Daniel Craig

See our Online Hunk shed the suave demeanor and put a tough face on as he channels the newest Bond actor.
Daniel Craig is a major departure from all the previous Bond guys. Film critic Roger Ebert once said of him, "Daniel Craig makes a superb Bond: leaner, more taciturn, less sex-obsessed, able to be hurt in body and soul, not giving a damn if his martini is shaken or stirred." Finally, the Agent 007 that’s closer to our football-playing, punch-throwing December Hunk!

On his final, year-ending week as Online Hunk, James Younghusband sheds the expensive suits and dashing demeanor to play the rough-around-the-edges yet still brutally sexy incarnation of the famous British film icon (no matter what these guys are saying). James also gets real to us about his views on love—mirroring the Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Bond’s uncharacteristic yet startlingly refreshing vulnerability.

Read on to know the rough-and-tumble (and sweetly senti) traits James shares with Bond!

Q: What’s your favorite Bond movie?

It has to be Casino Royale (starring Daniel Craig). No disrespect to the other Bond films, they were brilliant as well. But Casino Royale was more up-to-date and realistic.

Q: Have you ever gotten into a fistfight with anyone? What was it about?

Yes, loads of times, especially with my brother (laughs), ‘cause we’re so passionate about things, we want to accomplish so many things. We just fight over disagreements about things. I’ve had fights with him and fights with loads of other people, sometimes strangers.

Q: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Probably tobogganing, which is like sled skiing. And I did that [back in England]. I was coming down and I smashed into the crash mat and I hurt myself. It wasn’t a very nice thing. It was the silliest thing I’ve done.

Q: Did you get injured?

I hurt my back and my puwet. That was quite funny. My brother just kept laughing.

Q: How do you keep yourself in good shape?

Soccer. I try to play whenever I have free time. I just play soccer with friends whenever I can and then just go to the gym regularly.

Q: Would you ever be attracted to a girl who wasn’t sporty?

Yeah, I would. I like a girl with a good personality. I don’t like stuck-up girls. I like girls who are outgoing and enjoy themselves.

Q: What makes you cry? Have you ever cried over a girl?

I can’t really remember the last time I cried. I’m not one who cries very much.

Q: Not even over a girl?

Not even over a girl.

Q: Would you consider yourself a realist or an optimist when it comes to love?

I’d say I’m an optimist.

Q: So you’re a romantic.

Yeah, I like to treat a girl nicely. Just being with the girl, I think, is good enough.

Q: Do you believe in destiny?

No, I don’t believe in destiny. That’s very Smallville, destiny (laughs). I think you make your own destiny. You may get a bit lucky, but you also make your own destiny, I think. Just take things as they come.

Shot on location at The Establishment, Unit A The Fort Entertainment Complex, 26th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Special thanks to Ms. Annette Coronel and Anton San Diego.

Blue sweater and white shirt from Zara; aviators from SM Department Store; black blazer and V-neck tee, stylist's own

Hair and grooming by Cats del Rosario

Styling by Leona Lavina-Panutat
With additional reporting from Trixie Reyna

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