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Who Is JaMill & Why Exactly Are They Trending?

Here's what you need to know about Jayzam Manabat And Camille Trinidad.

[UPDATED APRIL 22, 2021]

On April 20, two women—Dambie Tensuan and Nyca Bernardo—who were involved in the JaMill issue that's been making waves online shared their sides of the story on Raffy Tulfo's Wanted sa Radyo. According to the girls, Camille Trinidad's now-deleted social media post where she mentioned them as the women involved with boyfriend Jayzam Manabat, resulted in them being targets of online abuse.

Dambie met Jayzam through his sibling a few years ago; Nyca worked with the YouTuber in the past as an English subtitlist.

Dambie was the first to speak up. When asked about the photos she sent Jayzam, she told Tulfo, "Kasi, sir, tawag po kasi nang tawag…siguro po, 'di ko alam sir kung nabilog ba ko o nauto ako…" She added, "Kung ako po yung nasa sitwasyon ni Camille tapos influencer po kami, tapos ang mga fans po namin [ay] bata, tapos ganung issue na siya…siguro para sa'kin hindi ko na siya dapat ilabas." She insisted that nothing happened between her and Jayzam. During the interview, Dambie also shared that her boyfriend happens to be Camille's ex.

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When it was Nyca's turn to explain her side, she said that even before Camille posted about the issue on social media, Jayzam insisted that they fix it in private because he admitted that everything was his fault. She revealed, "Ang alam ko po kasi ay nagsasama sila for the vlog. Nagkaroon po talaga ako ng emotional attachment [to] him. Nag-send po siya sa'kin ng voice message na lahat naman po nang sinabi niya sa'kin ay totoo. Then, nagulat na lang po ako sa post niya nung nag-public apology siya na lahat daw po nang sinabi ni Camille yung totoo, which is, hindi naman po."

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They both urged the netizens to be mindful of how words can affect a person's life, especially when people aren't aware of the entire situation.

Later on, both Camille and Jayzam guested on the radio program. When asked about her reaction the Dambie and Nyca's POVs, Camille was quick to answer, "Sobrang nonsense lahat nang sinabi nila." She continued, "Ako, as babae, kahit ano mang ipakita sa'kin—pera, bahay, sasakyan—'di ko papatulan, Sir Tulfo." 

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Jayzam told Tulfo, "Ako po talaga yung may kasalanan po dito…Sinabi ko po talaga sa dalawang 'yan na aayusin ko po in private…Nilabas ko po lahat nang nililihim ko kay Camille."


Ok, guys, if you've spent any time online in the few days, there's a chance that tweets, status updates, and even screenshots about "JaMill" have appeared on your feed. Some of you know who they are—especially loyal mandirigmas—while others may have no clue what's going on. Let us catch you up. 

JaMill is the "couple name" of Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, two of the most popular YouTubers in the Philippines—and that's not an exaggeration. Known for all their pranks, JaMill's official channel currently has 12.2 million subscribers

JaMill trended because Camille took to Facebook and posted photos of women Jayzam supposedly cheated with. There's also this article by Manila Bulletin published on April 18 about a netizen who called out Jayzam for harassing a female fan. Upon checking Camille's Facebook page, there are no longer any posts about the cheating issue, but the social media star posted a series of cryptic messages on Twitter:

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We know, that's *a lot* of information to unpack. So let's back up, shall we? 

How JaMill met

Both 22, Camille and Jayzam have been in a relationship for four years. While they are immensely popular on YouTube, the two actually met on Facebook in November 2016! According to Jayzam, he had a crush on Camille and basically decided to shoot his shot by messaging her. She seenzoned him at first. Eventually, they became friends and when they posted a photo together, people said they looked cute. He courted her for a couple of months and they became official on January 30, 2017. 

At the time, they were in a long-distance relationship because Camille is from Nueva Ecija while Jayzam lived in Binangonan, Rizal. They met halfway, enjoying dates in Cubao. 

JaMill on YouTube

In an interview for Magandang Buhay, JaMill said they started their vlog by documenting their daily life. Camille said that the two of them have always had a passion for making videos, and their vlogs serve as an album of their memories. In case you were wondering, this is the first video they ever posted on their shared channel (December 2, 2017):

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Jayzam said, "Tapos habang tumatanda po, nagiging mature po kami. Parang nagle-level up din po paunti-unti yung mga vlogs namin...siguro po kapag family channel na po ito then dadating po sa panahong magnenegosyo rin po kami. Tuturuan po namin ng business po yung mga audience po namin, as in step-by-step procedure po."

Living together

On December 24, 2019, JaMill posted a tour of their new home, which as of writing, has a little over nine million views on YouTube:

They followed it up with an *updated* look on August 7, 2020:

But actually, they've been living together for much longer than that. Jayzam revealed that he actually lived with Camille's family for around two years. This helped establish the trust in their relationship and also the reason their parents understood their decision to move in to a house with their friends. 

JaMill's business

In February 2021, JaMill announced their new business, a milk tea shop located in Nueva Ecija (where Camille is from). 

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And just this month, JaMill gave fans an update on their biz:

Apart from this, Jayzam and Camille also have their Mamdirigma Shop

What their fans, called "Mandirigma", like about them

The YouTubers told that it probably has a lot to do with their dynamic. Jayzam is the more lively one of the two while Camille tends to be more calm: "Parang balance po. May moment na kalmado, peaceful tingnan. May moment na sobrang kalokohan, sobrang saya. May moment na may aral na naibibigay at may mga moments na 'wag sanang tularan, balance na balance po, parang yin-yang."


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