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Janella Tweeted Adorable 'Born For You' BTS Clips Of Her + Elmo

This one's for you, ElNella fans!
PHOTO: Twitter/superjanella

It's been a year since Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona's series Born For You aired its pilot episode on ABS-CBN. This got Janella a tad nostalgic over the anniversary of her first project with her love team partner, so she posted a Twitter series of Born For You behind-the-scenes clips and insider secrets.

Here's Janella successfully convincing her newly-acquainted co-star to join in her vid to Frozen's "Love Is An Open Door." So cute. <3

This LOL-worthy blooper reel that she still can't get overa year after.

Being Elmo's makeup artist while shooting in Japan.

Cutesy pics with a random cat in Japanin clothes they've worn for over a week. Yay?

And lastly, an awkward dance number of ElNella to their teleserye theme song. Cuties!

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