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Janella Salvador Says Joshua Garcia Is Her *Best* Love Team Partner

She has nothing but praises for the actor!
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/superjanella, instagram/garciajoshuae

If you're an avid fan of local TV shows and movies, then it's hard not to have a favorite love team. From their onscreen chemistry to their sweet offscreen moments, today's top love teams know how to capture fans' attention in a heartbeat.

One of the stars who always made fans *kilig* regardless of which love team she was a part of is Janella Salvador. The 23-year-old actress has been paired up with various actors over the years, but Janella herself revealed who among her love team partners was ~the best~ in her opinion.

In a guest appearance on Joj and Jai Agpangan's YouTube channel, Janella opened up about "big revelations" through a friendly game of Drink or Spill. One of the questions the twins asked Janella was who she wanted to be paired in a love team next. Janella straight up answered that she's actually open to being paired up with anyone. She also set the record straight and revealed that out of all the actors she's been in a love team with (so far!), the best one was Joshua Garcia

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The 23-year-old actress had nothing but praises for the 23-year-old PBB alum. "Masaya katrabaho si Joshua kasi super professional and ang galing niya talaga. Ramdam mo siya sa bawat eksena," Janella shared. Joj and Jai also agreed and said that JoshNella had the "perfect chemistry" onscreen.

Janella and Joshua got to work together on the teleserye The Killer Bride. Through the show, they both got close and actually developed a supportive friendship. Janella even shared an appreciation post for Joshua on her Instagram after the show ended. In her IG post, Janella shared, "Thank you for being such a wonderful leading man. You are absolutely talented and you deserve all the recognition and praises you are receiving. I'm glad I found a friend in youone that is so much like me. Keep shining." She also thanked Joshua for feeding her all the time. Cute!

Prior to JoshNella, Janella has been paired up in acting projects with actors Elmo Magalona and Marlo Mortel, while Joshua was part of a reel-to-real love team with Julia Barretto.

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