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Janine Gutierrez And Lovi Poe Say They’re *Open* To Same-Sex Relationships: ‘Gender is fluid’

The two actresses are starring as lovers in the series 'Sleep With Me.'
Lovi and Janine on same-sex relationships
PHOTO: Dreamscape Entertainment

More and more celebrities are pushing boundaries to help normalize gender fluidity, especially through projects they take on. New love team Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe are living proof of this, starring in their first series together as lovers in Sleep With Me.

It’s written and directed by none other than Sam Lee, the same creative mastermind behind hit queer films Baka Bukas and Billie and Emma. Truth be told, just having Sam at the helm of the project makes saying yes a no-brainer for the two ladies. “Aside from the story (that) is so unique and ang ganda ng script, ang ganda nung team, (that’s why we accepted the project), It’s such a bonus that Sam is part of the LGBTQ community. She champions it talaga. She knows what she’s talking about,”  Janine reveals in an interview.

The series, which premieres today on streaming platform IWantTv, follows the lives of Harry (played by Janine), a wheelchair-bound disc jockey, and Luna (Lovi), a girl who suffers from a sleep disorder. More than the tender love story between two nuanced queer characters, the show also aims to shed light on the struggles of people with disabilities.

Lovi Poe and  Janine Gutierrez
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Talking more about the importance of the story, especially in addressing a social issue most people tend to overlook, Lovi shares, “I think it goes to show that this is something that we would like to normalize. The fact that we get to portray these kinds of characters. Parang it’s not meant to be a question anymore because it’s something that… it’s hard to find a word because it’s not even the word ‘accept’ because we’re all just the same.

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“Everyone is equal and we should remember that. I think it’s one of the things na tina-tackle ng Sleep with Me. Equality. Not just because of gender but because of opportunities, ‘disabilities’ naming dalawa sa series.”

The safety of the space (filled by an all-female crew) is what allowed the actresses to deep-dive into their characters’ roles, sensual scenes included. “We are all girls inside the room and so it made me feel comfortable and everyone was just so relaxed. Si Sam kasi ginuide niya kami talaga ng maayos and the shots were beautiful. Hindi siya parang sensual kind of love scene. It was like realistic in such a way na parang may awkward moments, may funny moments.”

When asked if there’s a possibility for them to enter same-sex relationships, the two had ~*unexpected*~ responses.

“I’m in a relationship kasi now kaya hindi ko siya ma-imagine because I’m happy. I don’t know. It could be… Gender is fluid naman eh,” Lovi replied. To which, Janine agreed, “Especially after doing Sleep with Me and seeing the relationship that Harry and Luna had, if ever you had the opportunity for love, I think for any…”


Finishing her partner’s thought, Lovi concluded, “It has nothing to do with gender anymore.”

You can stream Sleep With Me episodes on IWantTv. In case you need more convincing, our initial review is also here!


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