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Janine Gutierrez Reveals She's Been *Crushing* On Matteo Guidicelli Even Before He Joined Showbiz

PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/janinegutierrez, instagram/matteog

So if you were a teen in the 2000s, you'd know that Matteo Guidicelli was *the* Candy Cutie back then. Nope, he hadn't starred in hit soaps or films yet 'cause at that time, Matteo was actually a champion kart racer! Need proof? Here ya go:

Matteo Guidicelli as featured in a Candy Mag issue
A Candy Mag issue featuring Matteo Guidicelli

Well, it seems like another celeb crushed hard on him when she was also in her teensJanine Gutierrez! In a recent Truth Or Dare vlog on her YouTube channel, the ABS-CBN star revealed that she had a ~secret crush~ on Matteo even before he joined showbiz.


"Oh my, god, I'm shy. Hindi pa siya artista noon," Janine said.

Her grandmother Pilita Corrales (aka Mamita) asked: "But now he's already [an] artista?"

Janine then detailed that she would see her crush whenever her dad Monching Gutierrez went racing. "Yeah, yeah. I would see him kasi he would race with papakasi si papa nangangarera ng kotse. So, my crush talaga ever since is Matteo Guidicelli."

"Ah, really?!" Mamita replied.

Janine gushed and further revealed how big of a crush she had on Matteo: "To the point na I practiced na my signature 'pag Guidicelli apelyido ko!"

She went on to clarify that she is a huge fan of Matteo's wife Sarah Geronimo and was super kilig when they tied the knot in 2020. "But guys, sobrang Popster ako," Janine said. "I love Sarah G! So when they get married I was like super happy for them. And like, sobrang bagay sila."

And as for Mamita? She couldn't approve more of her apo's choice of a crush, lol! "Matteo is such a nice person. I know the parents of Matteo, and so, that's good. At least they're happy together."

Janine adorkably ended the segment with a shout-out to her forever crush: "Yeah, super! My gosh. Anyway, now you know. Hi, Matt!"


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