'Harry Potter' Costume Designer Explains 5 Of The Movie's Iconic Looks

She had a little help with Luna's incredible Gryffindor hat.
PHOTO: Harry Potter/Warner Bros. Pictures

Many things are magical about the Harry Potter books—quills, animals, foods, people, buildings, etc.—but when you think about the movies, one of the first ~magical~ things that comes to mind is the costumes. Starting with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and continuing all the way to both installments of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, those costumes are the work of Jany Temime, a veteran designer who also worked on the James Bond movies Spectre and Skyfall.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (the book), Jany revisited a few of the film series' most iconic looks.

1. Hermione's Yule Ball gown from Goblet of Fire

"[Hermione] was always the best of the class. She was a tough girl. She was a girl [who only hung out] with boys. And now she appears at the Yule Ball and she's in pink. People look at her as being a girl, and a very pretty one, which was not established before. It was a lovely dress. It was quite difficult to design because...I didn't want her to look like she borrowed a dress from her mom or her sister or whatever. It was her sweet sixteen dress, and she loved it."

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2. The Beauxbatons uniforms from Goblet of Fire

"I'm French and I said to the director, 'In England you have one uniform, but in the French high school where I was we had a different uniform for everything.' We had a little hat with a cape when we were walking around, we had a little apron for the cooking lesson. We were changing all the time, and he really liked the idea of [that]. You read it in the book that when they arrive something is moving, so I wanted to dress them in silk. Philip Treacy made the hat. I brought him the sketch and...He made it brilliantly and he was so happy."

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3. Dolores Umbridge's shocking pink wardrobe from Order of the Phoenix

"[Imelda Staunton] wanted to be fatter, so we had to build up something in her [outfits]. She wanted to have a very fat bottom because she wanted to walk like Daisy Duck. I started with lighter pink, and then as the film developed the pinks are getting hotter because she's getting more and more hysterical. This is the last one, which is quite hot."

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4. Luna Lovegood's Christmas party dress from Half-Blood Prince

"Luna is such an incredible character. [Evanna Lynch] loved that part. She was very, very special. She became Luna. [For this], I designed a dress so that she could look like a Christmas tree. She was all glittering. She loved her costume and she loved her character so much that [she started] making the jewelry herself. She was doing that at home, then coming back to me and showing me those incredible cherries and fruits and little dragons that she was making. Look at her, she's gorgeous!"

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5. Luna Lovegood's Gryffindor hat from Half-Blood Prince

"[Evanna] made it with us! I said to her, 'You are a fan, you like Ron, so the next Quidditch match, I want you to have a lion mask,' and she said 'OK' and she started making it with me. She was spending her free time in the costume department. She loved the costume department!"

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