Jasmine Curtis-Smith Is Said To Star Alongside AlDub In Their New Movie!

Ooooh, does this mean trouble in paradise?
PHOTO: Instagram/jascurtissmith

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are living ~the~ life in Italy where they’re filming their first solo movie project, Imagine You And Me.

Currently: AlDub doing all things fun ‘cause really, what’s work without any play? Cuties.

Now, a source says that a new addition to the cast has been revealed! According to entertainment writer Nitz A. Miralles, TV5 leading lady Jasmine Curtis-Smith is set to star alongside Alden and Maine. [via PEP.ph]

BUUUUT before you get all panicky with the thought of Jas playing Alden’s love interest, the writer clarified (and calmed AlDub fans’ hearts) that Jas won’t be playing third wheel to Alden and Maine.

Hmm... Any guesses on what role Jas will play?

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