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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Was Surprised By Anne Curtis' Tweet About Her GMA-7 Show

'When she goes out of her way to retweet that or say something else, ibig sabihin, talagang gusto niya.'
PHOTO: Instagram/jascurtissmith

GMA-7 actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith is happy over the reception she received for her short stint in the prime-time series Sahaya.

Jasmine portrayed the young Mylene Dizon, with the latter playing the mother of lead actress Bianca Umali.

Jasmine appeared in the Kapuso show during its first two weeks.

Speaking to and other reporters on April 16, at the press conference of her movie Maledicto, Jasmine said that she was overwhelmed by the feedback she received for her performance.

She said, "Actually, ako din nabitin. Gusto ko rin tumagal ako doon.

"Pero okay lang kasi that in itself, that was an experience for me to feel that, and also to see what it's like on a grander scale.

"Kasi iba din naman ang TV when you reach the mass audience. So, I'm overwhelmed, I don't know what to say."

Jasmine admits that she was initially nervous as to how audiences would accept her portrayal of a Badjao because of her Australian lineage.

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"Sa Sahaya, I was very afraid na baka sabihin ng tao, matanda na agad yung role ko kasi mother role na, o kaya 'di naman ako bagay doon, 'di ako mukhang Badjao, ang daming possibilities.

"I think nandoon ako sa technical side of things of how people will view our role and how I portray it, rather than kung magaling or hindi, or mukha bang totoong umiiyak siya.

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"Naku, baka sabihin nila, hindi ako totoong Badjao or hindi ako taga-Siargao or hindi ako kung taga saan mang bansa, lalo na kasi, let's face the facts, I'm half white.

"Hindi mo mabubura yun na meron din ang gusto nila, representation. Kailangan ding maging hypersensitive with that. So, nandoon din yung pressure on the sensitivity of appropriation."

Jasmine was surprised when her elder sister, Anne Curtis, expressed support for her Sahaya stint.

In March, a few days after Sahaya's pilot episode, Anne retweeted Jasmine's post about one of her dramatic scenes in the show.

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Anne posted on Twitter back then: "Hi, GMA [heart emoji] More roles like this for my amazing actress of a Sestra. [laughing and kiss emojis] Love you! Napakahusay mo talaga!!!!"

Sestra is the Slovak term for "sister." asked for Jasmine's reaction to this.

She said in jest, "Nagulat ako because hindi ko siya sinabihan or wala kaming family group chat na, 'Huy, manuod kayo.' Wala naman kaming ganun.

"She really saw it out of the blue on my Twitter and natuwa si ate.

"Si ate kasi, pagka naman humingi ka ng help to promote something, she'll really post it for you and she doesn't really care kung taga-kabila siya or may kasabayan siyang project because [of] sisterhood.

"When she goes out of her way to retweet that or say something else, ibig sabihin, talagang gusto niya.

"Bihira lang namang may lumabas na tweet diyan na hindi K-pop or K-drama!

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"Ibig sabihin, natuwa si ate and I'm thankful kasi galing na sa kanya yun, someone with more experience."

Prior to Sahaya, Jasmine's first teleserye with GMA-7 was the primetime series Pamilya Roces, which was shown from October to December 2018.

The show only stayed on the air for 10 weeks, shorter than the regular season run of 13 weeks, because it wasn't able to perform well in terms of TV ratings.

Was Jasmine saddened by the lackluster performance of her first Kapuso show?

She answered, "No, not at all.

"I think, nanghinayang. More of sana, it lasted long kasi we really enjoyed the story and we really enjoyed the company of each other.

"But all of us naman are so aware of how the business plays out din.

"So, it's not doing well on air, we wouldn't want our business heads or our network heads to be sacrificing so much, tapos hindi maganda din yung feedback.

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"Ako kasi, I've gotten into a point na I try to look at it din [from] a business perspective na rin, e.

"These are people who are paying me also and kung nasasayangan na because hindi receptive yung audience, we have to look for another avenue.

"And that takes science and formulas to create a study that they know, so, malaki naman yung trust na binigay ko with them in terms of that."

On a positive note, Jasmine just thought of Pamilya Roces as her warm-up project as a Kapuso.

"Ang inano ko na lang, siguro warm-up pa lang sa akin yung Pamilya Roces.

"Maybe there is something bigger, something better that would create a better reception with the audience, and thank God, that was Sahaya for me.

"Nakita ko naman yung bounds ng blessings doon ni God. May hindi nag-work out, merong din nag-work. Mahaba pa naman ang panahon ko in GMA."

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What is important is that Jasmine is happy with how things are turning out for her in GMA-7. She just celebrated her first year as Kapuso in March.

"I'm very happy, kasi lalo na just recently, I finished that stint in Sahaya and that got lots of good reviews.

"I'm just thankful I'm given a chance to portray a role like that and to affect people's lives.

"Kasi iba talaga kapag TV, kasi I'm still getting used to it.

"Kahit I've had experience before, there's a different reception now kasi iba din naman ang audience ng GMA. 

"I don't know how to explain the difference but there's a lot of gratitude towards the notice they've given me.

"Whatever it is naman, I'm just game. Whatever role they'll give me, I'll give it one hundred percent."

At present, Jasmine is waiting for her next project with GMA-7.

In the meantime, she is focused on promoting her upcoming horror movie, Maledicto, which will be shown in cinemas on May 1.

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"Hindi ko pa sure. Wala pa. Ito na muna, itong Maledicto muna.

"Hindi pa namin nami-meeting since I got back from Australia, kasi kakatapos lang ng Sahaya, dumiretso ako ng Oz, and then nag-work agad ako in Malaysia and Korea.

"So, wala pa kaming meeting na nase-set with the executives.

"So, baka may show na for me na ako na talaga ang magtatagal doon. We don't know but 'til then, fingers crossed. Marami pa 'yan, marami pang chance."