Jason Magbanua On How Social Media Has Changed How Couples Plan Their Weddings

'Baka nakakalimutan nila na they're getting married because of themselves and not for any other reasons.'
PHOTO: Pixabay

Jason Magbanua has witnessed and captured more than enough weddings in his work as a wedding videographer.

The go-to celebrity wedding video producer has seen how these occasions have turned to social media-curated events that require fashion editorial type of photo shoots and grand display of decors.

Jason says he has seen brides and grooms fixate on production details and forget the real reason why they're getting married.

He tells PEP.ph, "I think they should stop pleasing the guests in the sense that, parang, they should not forget to enjoy their day.

"It is for them, it is not aboutespecially it's not about their guests, especially if it is their parent's guests.

"Baka nakakalimutan nila na they're getting married because of themselves and not for any other reasons."

Jason says that social media has propelled the wedding industry into what it is today: A full-blown production.

He continues, "Social media really has contributed to this, like, people really getting into weddings.

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"Because right now, when people get married or people who are about to get married, they see the other stuff, e. They see the other weddings.

"Whereas before, you would only know of other weddings because you attended one, right? You attended one or somebody made kwento.

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"But right now, you don't know these people from Adam or Eve, but you see their weddings, e. So, it's part of it.

"And in the same way that other aspects of life have become more available to other people in terms of information and availability, ganyan din sa weddings, e...

"Some couples are about to married or even just planning for the wedding, they see how elaborate the setups are, they see howit's two-way, ha?

"They can see how simple a simple wedding can be, like elopements or everything DIY... and then you have the super two million set-ups, in Shangri-La Fort.

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"So, social media really has contributed to this."

Though weddings have become a social media fascination, Jason sees it as just the beginning of something more madding.

He remarks, "I think people will find something else to go crazy over. Like, 2018 maybe, it was like the era of elaborate, ostentatious wedding reception set-ups.

"Because, before, you didn't have a picture of a couple in an empty ballroom.

"It was, ano yan, hindi yan required. Ngayon, it's required.

"We gotta show this off, baby!"

Jason also points out the era of destination weddings, which he pinpoints to years 2016 and 2017.

"You have the Solenns, the Georginas, the Isabelles going to Europe," he adds.

He is referring to the 2016 weddings of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico in France, Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand in the United Kingdom, and Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat in Italy.

Jason concludes, "They will find something. It's not the peak, but they will find something else to fawn over."

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