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We Cannot Get Over Jason Momoa Peeling Off His Hair In This Super Bowl Commercial

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  • Jason Momoa showed up in a Super Bowl commercial and stripped off his abs and hair, and the internet simply was not prepared.
  • The ad is for Rocket Mortgage, and no I will not forgive them for this haunting mental image.

This year's Super Bowl commercials are truly doing the most, but nothing comes close to a completely deranged Rocket Mortgage commercial starring your fave Jason Momoa. IDK if you're watching the Super Bowl and caught this nightmare IRL (so sorry if so), but in the commercial Jason off his abs. And if that's not horrifying enough, he then peels of his hair and is fully bald at the top—an image my eyeballs simply weren't prepared for and frankly do not deserve!

I'm sorry to do this to your retinas, but if I have to see this, so do you:

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Here's a GIF of it happening, in case you're in the mood to ruin your own life:

Naturally, the internet—who simply came here to watch some football and enjoy the Halftime Show!!!!—are just all:

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Anyway, if for some awful reason you feel the need to see the ab-peeling moment for yourself, this brave soul recorded the commercial for us:

Cool, guys, I'll just be here like this for the rest of the night:

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