Jeffree Star Reveals The *Real Tea* After His Split From Nathan Schwandt

The YouTuber opened up on IG.

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt were together for five years before splitting in January. Confirming the sad news after days of speculation, the YouTuber apologized to fans for the silence and told them he's "been trying to heal."

But it looks like time really is a good healer because Jeffree appears to be gradually putting the heartbreak behind him. The YouTuber flew to Miami for the Super Bowl and judging by his Instagram pictures and Stories, he had a pretty amazing time. In fact, ~in his own words~, he's "living the best life."

Speaking to fans via Instagram Stories, the makeup mogul shared: "It's nice to have genuine friendships with people who are also on YouTube and doing really big things. And that genuinely want to hang out and want to have a f**king amazing time." 

"I know a lot of you have been like, 'Oh, Jeffree's going out every night, Jeffree's doing this, you don't normally do this.'"

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"You guys, real tea...I was with someone that didn't want to go out, didn't want to go to strip clubs, didn't ever want to go to the club. I've been going out since I was 17 with a fake ID, b***h is over 30 now, honey, so it's nice to enjoy things that you haven't done in a while."

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He added: "You know I was living the best life with all my friends."

The YouTuber also teased his new makeup collection before following it up with pictures of him jumping in a private jet and flying back to Los Angeles in luxury.

We're so glad to see he's doing a lot better following the split because breakups are never easy!

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